do i really need to be licensed at ohio


hi everyone pls help.

i took the NCLEx choosing california but after 3 yrs without ssn i had to endorsed it to vermont.. i now have an active status at vermont.. So now here is my problem.. I'm trying to apply at the holzer medical center at OHIO, now im confused what to do, do i have to endorse my nclex to ohio? it's another payment, another application form etc etc.. and im not sure yet if im gonna get hired at Holzer medical center.

do i really need to be licensed at ohio before applying at any ohio hospital?? i want to know if there is any way without endorsing my license from vermont to ohio,, because im not sure yet if im gonna get hired at holzer... :( PLease help me what to do..

btw what is a compact state?? what does it mean?

AgentBeast, BSN, RN

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Ohio is NOT a compact state. Basically the way it works with the compact states is if you are licensed in one of the compact state you are licensed in all of the other compact states. Again Ohio is NOT a compact state, seeing as you say you are already licensed you'd need to obtain licensure in Ohio through endorsement. The forms for obtaining said endorsement, instructions, and also the Board's statement on the Nursing Compact are available at the following link.

Ohio Board of Nursing / Nurse Licensure Information

thanks for the prompt reply.

so meaning there is no other way out here but to endorse it to ohio. i jyst thought it is hard if you are planning to apply in any other state you should have to endorse it all over again. what if you endorsed it already but you didn't get the job?? how about that?? you paid the fees and put effort working on papers just to endorse it over again.

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You do not necessary have to have a license in the state you apply for a job in but you will be expected to have a license in the state before you start working

thank you silver dragon :)

so you mean it is possible/allowed to wait for the hospital and tell me im hired, and thats the time when i can endorse my license to OHIO? i sent a message to ohio state BON and asked them the same question, im hoping to get the same answer

AgentBeast, BSN, RN

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Yes it's possible to be hired and then endorse your nursing license to Ohio. Basically it boils down to whomever does the hiring and firing at a particular facility. Whether they want you to be licensed to practice in the state before they will hire you, or if they are willing to hire you contingent on you obtaining a valid license. What you can't do is practice/work as a nurse within the state without a valid license.

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Check Holzer's website. If the requirements for the job include a valid Ohio license, you may have to fork over the money for it. It sucks because you're still not guaranteed a position, but they might require it so only serious applicants apply. You have to get a background check done here so - in theory - you could always tell potential employers that your OH license is pending.

Good luck to you!

im really hoping that i'll be allowed not to endorse it yet. yes it sucks big time if i didnt get the position after endorsing it. And also i need to take the IELTS too, i have read that one of the requirements is ielts, it will cost me more :(

i have another question. is it possible if i start endorsing my license to ohio even though i haven't taken the IELTS yet? i wanted to start filling up the papers and pay the fee to send it to ohio for them to start working on it and i will just follow up the ielts result after i passed it. because taking ielts will take time for preparation and have to wait 2 weeks for the that possible?? Thank you

Silverdragon102, BSN

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I doubt they will process application if file not complete. They should accept application and fees and just wait for all required documentation

I know nothing about the IELTS. However, as far as the endorsement....different facilities have different requirements. For example, I live in OH and applied at a couple of Indiana hospitals. Needless to say, I didn't want to fork over the money for an IN license without a job offer. One hospital said they wouldn't consider my application until I had an IN license. However, at the other hospital I was given a job offer and will start as soon as I have my IN license. It can take several weeks. So, if I were you I would contact the specific HRs in which you are applying through to see if you could wait until a job offer to get an endorsement. I wish you well!

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