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  1. Nursein2011

    Child/Adolescent Psych Interview!!!

    YAY!! WAY TO GO! Good luck to you! :w00t:
  2. Nursein2011

    Should I have to do this?

    Also, it upsets me that you would refuse to take him. Put yourself in his shoes. If you weren't able to get around like many other people and required help from others for what we may view as very minuscule daily tasks. So much independence has been taken from him due to his illness. He looks forward to going to church. Perhaps that is where he finds his peace and purpose. And you find it as such an inconvenience. That saddens me. If it is that you have trouble getting him in and out of the car then again request a different assignment.
  3. Nursein2011

    Should I have to do this?

    I do feel that if you are so uncomfortable with doing this then you should request a different assignment as others have mentioned. The way I look at it is people have to give up a lot when they become ill. This is something that the client actually has to look forward to doing still. I am sure there are other workers at your agency that would be more than happy to help him hold on to and enjoy this activity. I understand that you may not share his religious views, but you are there getting paid to help him. It is about him. Again, if you feel you can't do so then speak up. I would feel honored to assist a client in being able to attend church or whatever activity. I know I would want someone to do the same for me.
  4. Nursein2011

    To call or not to call...

    I would call or e-mail one more time and then move on.
  5. Nursein2011

    I finally bought liability insurance

    Do you mind me asking who you got it through? I will be starting my first RN job so have gone through American Family Insurance where we have our car and house insurance. Did you go through a company like that or one that just deals with liability insurance?
  6. Nursein2011

    New grad pn temp license???

    I live in Ohio and needed to be licensed in Indiana. I received my temporary in less than 3 weeks. I will not receive my perm. license for a couple of weeks per the board. So, yes I would request a temp. if I were you. Yes, as soon as you have the temp license you can begin work. Hope this helps. :)
  7. Nursein2011

    Help!!! Whos hiring LPNs in Dayton, Oh

    If you are willing to travel, Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana hires LPNs.
  8. Nursein2011

    Child/Adolescent Psych Interview!!!

    Yay! Keep us posted!!
  9. Nursein2011

    Bad preceptorship assignment

    First, take some deep breaths. Please don't take that as being rude. I know calming down first always helps me to look at my options in a clearer way. I absolutely would express your feelings to your instructor and ask if it would be possible to be placed in a different area. If it is not possible then you will obviously need to go from there. I do not think that working in an area you don't prefer would make your entire time in nursing school not pay off. A friend of mine in nursing school wasn't given ANY of her three choices for her preceptorship. She had about the same reaction as you are having. It turns out that she absolutely loved the area she was in and is pursuing a position in that area. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and that good can come out of perceived bad situations. My advice is to try to be calm and go for it giving it your all no matter where you are placed. You just may land a good job with the facility in which you are doing your preceptorship. Also, I am so very sorry about your daughters health problems. You seem to be a strong person who is a real tropper. So, keep that up! YOU CAN DO IT!!
  10. Nursein2011

    Child/Adolescent Psych Interview!!!

    That's a good sign! Yay! :w00t:
  11. Nursein2011

    Failed NCLEX 5 Times! Am I The Only One Who . . .

    I have a few thoughts on this topic. Yes, I think there should be a max put on the number of times one can take the NCLEX without having to take a class of some sort. But, with that being said, I know of some people who passed their first time that I wouldn't exactly want to care for me or my family members. Also, I don't like people lumping together all nursing education of today. My school held extremely high standards. Over half of our class failed out throughout the semesters for things like not demonstrating proficiency of skills on actual patients. So, no Kids, I did not only have to prove proficiency on dummies. My professors didn't hesitate for a minute to fail students for mistakes or lack of knowledge. So, again, please don't lump everyone together. My school's standards must have worked pretty well as 100% of our graduating class passed the NCLEX on the first try!
  12. Nursein2011

    Is it possible to care too much?

    Have you thought of volunteering outside of work? For instance, I volunteer for Hospice. I know that during your actual work you don't have the time to just sit and talk and truly show that you care. So, as a volunteer fof Hopsice that is exactly what I do. I keep the patients company. I sit with them for a couple of hours and am just there to listen, talk, and show I care. It is very rewarding.
  13. Nursein2011

    do i really need to be licensed at ohio

    I know nothing about the IELTS. However, as far as the endorsement....different facilities have different requirements. For example, I live in OH and applied at a couple of Indiana hospitals. Needless to say, I didn't want to fork over the money for an IN license without a job offer. One hospital said they wouldn't consider my application until I had an IN license. However, at the other hospital I was given a job offer and will start as soon as I have my IN license. It can take several weeks. So, if I were you I would contact the specific HRs in which you are applying through to see if you could wait until a job offer to get an endorsement. I wish you well!
  14. Nursein2011

    Child/Adolescent Psych Interview!!!

    Congrats on the interview!! Have you gotten any word abck yet? I recently accepted a psych position and can't wait to start! I hope you get it!
  15. Nursein2011

    My first nursing job interview!

    Way to go!! So happy for you!!:yelclap: