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So, apparently in my program, learning to read EKGs is going to be a "self-study", meaning I'll have to teach it to myself over Christmas break. Sigh.

Does anyone know of any books that will make this easier and won't have me pulling my hair out over the break???


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you don't need to spend the money on a book. there is enough information on the internet that you can learn this without spending a dime.

see these weblinks on post #40 of the any good iv therapy or nursing procedure web sites sticky in nursing student assistant forum:


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Also, check out the community colleges nearby. My nursing program is at a community college. However, in the Health Career Services classes (which are not part of hte nursing program), they have a two-week class on EKG. I'm taking it next semester in the first two weeks, hoping it helps!

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thank you very much for your help!

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EKG's..... yuk. :crying2:


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Saunders ECGs and the Heart is a good book. It explains more in details than the Med-Surg book in Nursing school. Even though some of the abnormal EKG patterns are beyond the scope of nursing school and apply more to Critical Care Nursing.

Another book si written by Dubin-"Rapid interpretation of EKG". You can look on e-bay,, is a little more expensive book and it is a quick guide for rapid EKG interpretation.

Hope this helps:nuke:


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:) hi!

i am posting a link to another thread that has alot of ekg information on it. i think it may be helpful to you. the previous poster also mentioned dale dubin's book, while searching online for ekg help myself, i came across a file that is about his book, so i guess its like a mini condensed version of his book. i am attaching that link for you also.

take care~!


from cardiac and dr. dale dubin:

a file on ekg interpretation and more:

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