Re: Ugly Code........because once again it wont take:(

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My room, my patient.....don't like it go to H* bad!!!! Have a nice day!!!!! :)

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I also can't post

I agree with Rick, but I think I would have been struck speechless- what abou the "working together" thing. And what about your patient needing your expertise, and what about you needing a minute to catch your breath, and (heaven forbid) debrief a little.

Sometimes I just don't understand some people.


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i agree my patient my room......bite me!!!


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I believe i ripped into her for a good 5 minutes than told her "f^&K off you stupid f*^king idiot" or somthing to that effect, i really don't recall the details.


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good job!!!!

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Kewl, I don't know where this nurse was coming from; but I do know that (as a very longtime member of code teams) the patients' nurse NEEDS to be there during a code-- at least in all of the places I've worked in the past 28 years in this field! And a few of those places were teaching hospitals, too! I have no idea what kind of nurse she thought she was, but she was lacking brains, sensitivity, tact, and a whole lot more. I'd report her and write her up.

Our hospital has mini evals of how the code went immediately after (these are very informal- kind of on the run type of things); but I know her attitude would be written in there on our eval.

It sounds like this was a tough one for you, she didn't have to dump on you afterwards. She does not belong on a code "TEAM" with that kind of attitude. Take care of yourself (and not just with beer!;) ).


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I agree with what the above posters said--good for you kewl!


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good job kewl!

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