3rd attempt n I'm a RN now!!

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Hello friends,

I'm a foreign graduate and I've passed NCLEX on my 3rd attempt.

All thanks to this 'allnurses' website, because I met great people here who helped me throughout my NCLEX journey and made it possible to pass the NCLEX-RN exam.

After graduating in year 2007, I appeared for NCLEX in 2011 for the first time ... I took kaplan, and didn't even touch the course book because I was expecting the content review in classroom lectures. Still, I took the exam and failed. After a few days of failing NCLEX, I got to know about this website and I found it really helpful. It took me almost a year to take the exam again.

This time I used Kaplan course book, PDA, NCLEX 4000 ... I did 210 questions ... ran out of time and failed the exam again. But after the second attempt, I realized that I need to brush up on 'contents' and I'll be ready for the exam.

On the third time, I used Hurst, Kaplan Qtrainers (shared with somebody), PDA,ncsbn(I did questions only) and 35 pages short notes (which I downloaded from allnurses website) ... and it took me four weeks to complete the prep.

I took it on august 9th ... did 230 questions in 5:30hrs ... I got like 20-22 SATA, a lot of priority, 4 calculations ... I left the test center feeling that result is gonna be the same as last time ... I didn't do PVT.

On august 17 my uncle told me that my name and license number is on California Board of Nursing. I got my license! :yelclap:

So, to people who are yet to take exam ... I would advise you to KNOW YOUR CONTENTS WELL and PDA is the book to learn how to prioritize the given conditions.

God bless the great people who were always available as a great help. Good luck to friends who are yet to take the test. You can do it!!

Good Job.:up:

And Thanks for sharing your story..its very inspiring :)



congrats all hardwork and sleepless nights payed off!

congrats n great story...

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thank u so much friends!!

congrats i m very happy for uuuu.........:yelclap::yeah::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yeah::hrnsmlys:

Specializes in Hemodialysis,Home Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysi.

thanks amandeep..!!

Congrats to you!! :w00t:

Specializes in Hemodialysis,Home Hemodialysis, Peritoneal Dialysi.

Thank you shar pei..!!

now another challenge for me is to find a job as i've no experience at all..


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