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Hello. Does anyone know if there is a charge to change NCLEX-RN test date? I am having a scheduling dilemma.

Thanks. :)

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Yes there is a charge to reschedule. I believe it is$50


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There isn't a charge if you are just changing the date to take it. I changed my date before and I just went to the PV site and chose to R/S. It allows you to pick a new date or new site to test at. That charge is when you change the type of test you are taking.

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There is no charge to reschedule your test. I rescheduled mine 5 times! I kept moving my date closer and closer as the dates opened up.

You WILL be charged full price again if you fail to reschedule your test as least 24 hrs before your scheduled test. If you are scheduled for Wednesday at 8am you had best be sure to change it before Tuesday at 8am. (the PearsonVue site tells you the specifics) You'll have to go through the whole process of registering and paying the full amount again.