Do You Use an MRI Compatible IV Pump for Peds Pts?

  1. We are looking to purchase an MRI compatible IV pump that will accomodate our neonatal and pediatric patients. If a transfer of pumps is required, who transfers the infusions from the hospital pump to the MRI pump and back? Unit nurse? Radiology/MRI nurse? Any input regarding pumps or process are appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   LMWDukeRadRN
    In our hospital the Unit nurse transfers the medications. We also use Alaris pumps hospital wide and just feed MRI compatible tubing through a hole in the wall into the control room.
  4. by   IR-RN
    If we are doing pediatric sedation, the IR nurse is with the child we feed the tubing from outside the MRI scanner door! No problems thus far! Otherwise the nurse sending the patient for any other MRI is to send the pt with the extension tubing already in place to feed into the room.
  5. by   dreamingofbeing
    We use MRI compatible pumps. We have 3 pumps so if a patient is coming from the NICU or the PICU and has multiple drips and requires sedation the intensivist has to decide what drips are the most important and what can be turned off for the span of the MRI. Normally it is our responsibility as the sedation/radiology nurse to switch the pumps since these pumps are in MRI only and no one else in the hospital uses them.
  6. by   ToughingItOut
    We use MRI compatible pumps, but it's always a big cluster as a NICU nurse finding the right tubing, getting new fluid orders, etc. The practitioners always want us to just draw up some TPN into a syringe from the TPN bag, but we're not supposed to do that due to infection control/high dextrose issues. Then...nobody ever remembers how to set up the pump once they get down to MRI. Our NNP's always call and want us to walk them through it, and we never remember either (despite the annual competensies, lol). It seems to me that the MRI nurse should do the transferring since we as bedside nurses only very rarely go down with the patient (since our transport pracitioners are required to go).
  7. by   tryingtohaveitall
    We do as others have said-continue all of our infusing medications but add extension tubing and run it through a hole in the wall, the pumps stay just outside the door.