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  1. SQ Insulin Double Check Required?

    Hi Everyone, Does your hospital require RN insulin double checks for adult subcutaneous insulin? Our hospital is considering eliminating this practice, only for subcutaneous insulin. We use insulin pens for basal and rapid acting, not NPH or Regular...
  2. Practice Council

    Hi, do you have a Practice Council at your facility, and if so, what are the responsibilities/expectations of the staff member? Thank you!
  3. M/S Nurse to pick up ED patients

    Hi, my med/surg colleagues would like to know if any nurses go to the ED to pick up their patients to decrease transfer times to the door? Thank you!
  4. Hi, Does anyone still require parents/guardians to sign that they have received a pediatric fall information sheet? As opposed to just documenting in the education record that you provided fall information to them. Thank you for your time.
  5. Bed Alarms in Peds?

    Hi! Our facility is considering bed alarms in the pediatric unit. I am not a fan, and I am searching community standard to see if anybody else uses bed alarms in pediatric areas or not. Thank you for your response. :-)
  6. Peds Skin Assessment

    Hi. We are revising our pediatric skin care guidelines and would appreciate hearing what others are doing. The adult area of the hospital requires a 2 person check for every single admission, regardless of the skin risk assessment score (adults use...
  7. Pediatric Midline IVs?

    Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated. Yes...we are aware of the INS guidelines. We were just wondering if anybody out there was using midlines for that small percentage of patients that would be eligible within the INS guidelines. We heard ...
  8. Pediatric Midline IVs?

    Hi! Does anybody work at a facility that places midline catheters in pediatric patients and if so, what ages and by who? Thanks!
  9. Hi, I am collecting data regarding the community standard for the use of a cardiac monitor, central or bedside, in the general pediatric hospital care areas. For those who work in a NON-ICU pediatric patient care floor, do you provide cardiac monitor...
  10. Uroject for Pediatric Patients

    Hi. I am looking into creating a procedure for injecting lidocaine gel into the urethra of a pediatric patient with the Uroject device prior to catherterization. The Univ of Iowa has a great video, and I am looking for other facilities who have ado...
  11. We are looking to purchase an MRI compatible IV pump that will accomodate our neonatal and pediatric patients. If a transfer of pumps is required, who transfers the infusions from the hospital pump to the MRI pump and back? Unit nurse? Radiology/MRI ...
  12. We are updating our policy on what protective apparel is required to perform a bone marrow biopsy, bone marrow aspirate or LP. Does your facility require gowns, masks, goggles and/or caps? Thanks!
  13. :confused:for pacu's that care for pediatric patients: who transfers the pediatric pacu patient back to the unit? pacu nurse? peds nurse from the receiving unit? other licensed or unlicensed personnel? about how long is the transport trip from t...
  14. Hi, We are evaluating our current practice of using sterile feeding tubes for pediatric VCUG's (5 and 8 fr). The radiologists prefer them because they work well and have no balloons, but I was wondering if others were using something different. Than...
  15. Do you like your IV Pump?

    Thanks, Amyrae! Just the kind of input I'm looking for!:)