Pediatric Midline IVs?


Hi! Does anybody work at a facility that places midline catheters in pediatric patients and if so, what ages and by who? Thanks!


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We got training on them but we never have used them to my knowledge. I heard there were issues with them clotting off.


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We do not use them. They are really not indicated in many patients. See the INS guidelines.


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Thanks for the responses! Much appreciated. Yes...we are aware of the INS guidelines. We were just wondering if anybody out there was using midlines for that small percentage of patients that would be eligible within the INS guidelines. We heard rumors that the use of midlines was increasing in the community, but it does not sound like that is true. Take care.

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The only time I ever saw a midline was if a PICC couldn't be advanced all the way to be central or if a PICC was central and the child pulled at it and the team decided to leave it as a midline. So probably not true midline catheters but PICCs with midline placement.


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Midline Infusion catheters are used in our area often. They aren't just limited to a specific populi. They ARE, however, limited by what you are putting in it. Midline IV catheters are just really long peripheral IV catheters and must be treated as such. They are NOT PICC's with midline placement. A PICC is a central line. Midline IV catheters should be used just like a peripheral IV catheter as it relates to the medication which goes into it: Osmo 5 or