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  1. pghnurse07

    Rady Children's Hospital-New Grad RN Program

    Hey I am a travel nurse at this hospital. All the new grads I have talked to have not had any complaints!
  2. pghnurse07

    Common Pediatric Meds?

  3. pghnurse07

    is this a low ball offer?

    I would never take a rate that low.
  4. pghnurse07

    San Diego

    I have been at Radys since December and living in Pacific Beach. I love it here :)
  5. pghnurse07

    Has anyone traveled to Rady Childrens in SD?

    I did get the job, I love it out here! And Rady's is really great. The people are all so nice.
  6. pghnurse07

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Dilaudid zofran cefoxitin or invanz pepcid/protonix/Zantac/omeprazole diaper creams!
  7. pghnurse07

    Med error and disciplinary action

    That's crazy. And you're right, that does prevent people from reporting errors. At most, you should have done some re-education on the five rights with your educator.
  8. San Diego, not South Dakota I interviewed for a position there yesterday and will hopefully be getting an offer today. I didn't interview until late yesterday. Also it is my understanding that corporate and the agencies got in a little battle over pay rates a year or so ago, they stopped using travelers for a bit, then corporate realized that they need them, so they hiked up pay rates. I hope this is true!
  9. pghnurse07

    Recommendations for Travel Companies

    I am hopefully starting to travel in a few weeks. I absolutely love my recruiter at Medical Express. She is amazing. If I start my assignment and she drops off the face of the earth when I need her, I would be incredibly shocked. I've been talking with her for months now (had to postpone leaving because of a surgery).
  10. pghnurse07

    Agency jobs in Pittsburgh area?

    Hey I'm from Pittsburgh, however to my knowledge, none of the hospitals in the area utilize travel nurses unfortunately
  11. pghnurse07

    Lab draws

    We have an IV team we call for difficult sticks and IV insertions. Otherwise we draw our own.
  12. pghnurse07

    Pediatric Midline IVs?

    We got training on them but we never have used them to my knowledge. I heard there were issues with them clotting off.
  13. pghnurse07

    ? about my peds patient

    Absolutely try a Farrell bad. Nearly all of our patients use them. You can use it while feeding too. Also what type of formula is she on? She could have a reaction to that.
  14. pghnurse07

    Pediatric oncology:Best hospitals to apply in MD or PA

    Hi! I work at CHP. I started a year ago. Starting pay for me (BSN graduate) was around 23/hr. I will be honest and say I am not sure they are hiring diploma nurses at this point. As a magnet hospital, they are seeking to staff mostly BSN nurses. It's worth a try however. CHP is a wonderful hospital that is of course involved in a lot of research due to it's affiliation with UPMC.