"wet reckless" please help


I can't find it anywhere...is a "wet reckless" a misdemeanor? Does it need to be reported to the BRN when applying for the NCLEX?


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Are we talking drinking and driving here?



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:confused: I have no idea what you are talking about.



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what on EARTH?



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A what??? :chuckle I'm sorry, but whatever it is, it sounds hilarious!



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Sorry everybody...I should have been more specific.

In California and I think some other states there is something called a "wet reckless" when you are arrested for a DUI, but very near the legal limit. It is a lesser charge.

I know that it does not count as being convicted of a DUI, but I think it may still be a misdemeanor (which you need to report to BRN when applying for the NCLEX-I think!)

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Unsure of the wet thing, but I DID get a DWAI (driving while under the influence, close to legal limit in NY)(the most expensive three beers of my life!!!!) That was 4 years before I graduated NSG school. I reported my conviction upon applying for my first licensure and everyone since. Ohio was the only state, of 4 that I've come across that required a "review process".

However, I have not dealt with California. Just sharing a similar experience for comparison. It has NEVER affected anything more than my checkbook, and my pride.



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"wet reckless"??? I thought for a minute we were talking about my golden retreiver and all these spring time puddles here!! Thats it pup, come on in the house to shake it off!!!!

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