"Clinical Decision Unit"


So as I was reading online postings, I see a full time day shift RN position on a "Clinical Decision Unit" and that critical care experience is preferred, and that it is a holistic, patient/family centered. What is a Clinical Decision unit? Maybe OBS? ER overflow/holding? Pending d/c evals?

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CDU where I work is where people are observed in an outpatient setting where their medical needs are expected to last

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Thank you! That would be a great addition to my current employer. I just might apply!

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I was wondering the same thing. After looking around I found a good resource to learn more about what a clinical decision unit is. I have linked what I found here. clinical decision unit Hope this is what you are looking for :)

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CDU is the politically correct term for "serial troponins until negative = discharge or positive = cath then IMU/ICU or stress" unit.

Also known as "Fancy Observationland" or "Med/Surg Overflowland".

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Don't you just love the job posting ads bursting with jargon about implementing this or holistic that.

There are no real description about what the unit is or what the nurse does.

The CDU at my hospital is a floor where patients are for observation or as an admission/discharge/overflow unit.


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Yep, CDU is the obs unit at my hospital, too.

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there are actual separate CDUs out there? At my hospital, if a pt is CDU'd (always chest pain/SOB, kept overnight for stress tests in AM, then d/c or admit) they are kept in the ER. Ugh. We have a "holding unit" attached to the ER, staffed by ER nurses, that we can use IF the bed situation warrents it, and the CDU pt's go there. I would totally work in a fulltime CDU though, I generally like the pt's we place into CDU.