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  1. cna to crna2b

    First Assist billing

    I am in the tail end of an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program. I intend on getting my RNFA when I am done. I have a busy general surgeon wanting me to work for him hen I am done. Additionally I could probably pick up cases with his partners. He is not going to pay me but rather have me bill directly the insurance companies myself. I know that it can take months to get reimbursed and you can get reimbursed at a lower rate than what is billed or not at all. I would be able to keep working at my current job and would be able to ease my way into this role. My question is, is this worth it financially? Is it worth the headache of the billing? Would I be able to make a good enough income to cover my malpractice and health insurance on top of paying myself? Or would it be wiser to just get a traditional staff salary job? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. cna to crna2b

    Is a PhD worth it ?

    I am sure this question has been asked before.Is it worth getting a PhD? I am currently a ACNP student on the masters level. I am considering pursuing a PhD afterwards to teach adjunct and possibly become a fulltime instructor. My question is will I get a return on my time and money invested in pursuing a PhD? If I were to teach at the NP level would I have an income comparable to being a NP? I would hate to invest thousands of dollars and countless hours away from my family pursuing a degree that would not benefit me. Thank you for your help.
  3. cna to crna2b

    Transition From ER to NICU?

    I have a couple of years of tele experience and a year of ER. I want to be a neonatal nurse . The more I look into it the more I want to do it. How hard of a transition would it be? How would I get in to it?
  4. cna to crna2b

    Neonatal NP??

    I am in acute care adult NP school right now I have always wanted to be a neonatal nurse and have recently learned about neonatal nurse practitioner just wondering how hard of a transition it would be to get a certificate later as a neonatal NP
  5. cna to crna2b

    Sacramento Job Market

    You answered my question. Thank you. Sorry I asked an odd question. Just wanting to know if nurses are getting their hours. Thx for the help
  6. cna to crna2b

    Sacramento Job Market

    I would not move without an offer. How is the market not good for nurse? Please expound. From what I see I could make around $50 hr. That is more than $20 more an hour than here in Phx. To rent a house is similar to the what I am paying here. Are nurses not getting their hours? Like I said I would not move without a job. So if I by chance got a job there would I have work? Thank you for your help.
  7. cna to crna2b

    Sacramento Job Market

    I am a RN with two years tele and 1 year ER. With monitor tech and cna exp also
  8. cna to crna2b

    Sacramento Job Market

    She is not a RN or looking @ getting a job. Are nurse even getting 36 hrs a week there?
  9. cna to crna2b

    Sacramento Job Market

    My wife and I are looking to relocate to Sacramento and just wondering how the market is. Are nurses able to get their 3 12hr shifts each week? Is there availability for OT and extra shifts? Can one pick up PRN work on the side? Or is the job market soft with the recent healthcare changes? I am looking to work a lot and pay off some school debt. Just want to see if the work is there before fully committing.
  10. I work 4 sometimes 5, 12 hour shifts a week. That's I have a wife that takes care of our 4 kids. It is just busy work, seems easier than RN school this far. I hear it gets hard trying to balance clinicals, class work, and work; but that is not until like over a year into the program. I sure advanced patho and pharm are not easy either. Those are about a year into the program.
  11. cna to crna2b

    University tenure pay ?

    I am currently in school for ACNP at the masters level. I have always considered teaching. I have considered a Phd down the road to teach at the university level. My concern with it is I am not sure what the university tenure pay is. Would I start out considerably less than a ACNP? I know that money is not everything but I would hate to go to more school and incur more school debt to make less. Thanks for any help.
  12. Hi mitamitatu, I am currently in the ACNP program and it is all online. I have classmates from Nevada. You will have to find a ACNP to follow for our clinical hours. So far I have no complaints about the program. Thus far not as hard as nursing school. Lots of paper writing. The first 4-5 classes are theory, research, scope of practice, ethics. Then you get into the meat of the matter advanced patho, advanced pharm. It is not until you are halfway through the program until you do clinicals. I am only in my third class. I work four 12 hr shift a week an keep on top of school just fine. I hear it gets rough during clinicals balancing class work, clinical hours, and work. If you are looking at doing a post masters cert you may want to look at Saint Louis University. I think there post masters are all online and look to be almost 10 credit hours shorter than GCU's post masters. http://www.slu.edu/Documents/nursing/PostMastersAdultNursing.pdf
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    Thanks for the help, Ya I think every one is tightening the budget
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    Hi my wife and I are looking to move to Sacramento as her grandparents are aging and need some help. I have 5 years healthcare experience 2 years CNA & Monitor tech and 2 years Tele RN and and currently working in ER with 6 months exp. I have a BSN and currenttly in an ACNP MSN program that is online (I can move and keep going to school ). I am currently applying for my CA license.My question is would I have trouble getting a job there? How is the job market? Is there ability to pick up overtime? Any hospitals to stay away from?Thanks for any help
  15. cna to crna2b

    Anyone in GCU ACNP program ?

    What's up airborne ..... when you moving back to AZ? I got into the program that starts in August. The next program starts in Jan.