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Are we raising an entire generation of kids who in the future are going to call in sick to work because thay have chapped lips or a hangnail? I try really hard to teach my students self care and personal responsibility but I have teachers sending kids back to me 3-4 times a day for minor stuff like paper cuts. They want ice packs for every tiny little ailment! Or a change of clothes because they had 2 drops of water splash on their shirt from the water fountain!

Not the kid's fault. The teachers want a quick fix too! My staff is working on Bloodborne Pathogen training which is online in our district. I send them very detailed directions on how to log-in, etc. Half of the staff come to me and ask me to walk them through it at my computer. When I ask them if they read/ printed out my instructions they tell me " no, I want you to show me so it will be faster."

My answer, "sorry, you"ll have to go figure it out yourself! I've got a lot of ice packs to make!"

What online program do you use for your online BBP training? Trying to round up everyone on my campus is like rounding up cows at a rodeo! The online program sounds like it might be more user friendly.

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The teachers most likely don't realize how many student visits you have. What about letting them know through your principal that you see "x" number of students in an average week and "y" number of those visits were for magic ice packs? Our state DPI asks for statistics annually including number of student visits, number sent home and number returned to class. The totals are staggering. It's interesting, though, to see how different buildings have very varied numbers. It's a building culture thing, coming down from the principal. I'm sure others will also suggest that you provide the teachers with a small supply of band-aids, etc, so that they can handle minor issues without sending students down.

On the other note, our district uses "Safe School" for on-line training, including BBP and sexual harrassment. I don't have anything to do with it, a secretary in the district office sends out the instructions and keeps track of who has completed and who hasn't. I do put out an unofficial offer, though, to complete anyone's BBP with 100% on the post-test for $5. (just kidding!)

i also am interested in the online trainng. where is this available? thx for info :)

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I gave the name incorrectly--its "SafeSchools"

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lol i sometimes ask the older kids if they think they can do into the corporate health nurse's office at a business like Pfizer and lie down because of a tummy ache. Most of them think so. :banghead:

"Are we raising an entire generation of kids who in the future are going to call in sick to work because thay have chapped lips or a hangnail?"

I am with you. Teach appropriate self care.

I cannot find it on Gerri Harvey's site, but she suggests doing a bar graph of the frequency of health office visits per teacher. Code the teachers names, but give each teacher their code, with the graph of the entire school or entire grade.

When they see they are sending triple the number of students to the nurse, sometimes that is enough......

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