75 Questions?!!


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Well I either did well or I bombed it :D. I don't care how many times you remind yourself that the computer will just shut off when it's ready it is still a shock! I was like wait a minute I can't be done yet I've only been here 45mins! I know that I am going to drive myself and anyone around me crazy for the next 2 days!

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Wooooo hoooo!! Fingers crossed for ya! :)


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75 questions?...yippeeeee. RN will be at the end of your name!!!!!!


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Sounds Good! I know you nailed it!:redpinkhe


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Thank goodness we both live in states that get quick results!! Hopefully on Wed. we will be RNs:)



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Good luck! I know the feeling.. I was obsessed with checking the status lol.. Let us know the outcome!

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As stated on the other post...Will keeps fingers crossed and prayers sent to both of you, Kelly and Terri. Traci

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You did well. I can't wait to read your new title.


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