265 questions for the 2nd time...Got the pop up :)


Okay, today I took the nclex rn for the second time. First time I failed with 265...i was devestated. Today I left the testing center in a really bad mood. Was positive I failed. I ended at 265 again!! Grrr!!! test was even harder this time around. Tons of meds I didnt know and A LOT of SATA. I was frustrated. Took me 5.5 hours. Got home and hands were shaking as I tried the pearson vue trick:uhoh3: but it didnt let me pay this time!!!:D Got the popup. I'm so excited I don't even know what to do with myself?? kind of in shock, lol. so happy i dont ever have to study for that retarded test again!!! I'm proof you can pass and fail with 265. Good luck to everyone else on your nclex:up:


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WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will never have to take that evil test again!!!

Congrats, you're an RN!!!!


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Good luck dear tell us about ur result..which books did u study and how much time did you spent.


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Thank you all sooo much!!! :D I graduated school back in may 2009 and didn't take the test right away. I was so burnt out after nursing school that I took a few months off and didn't study at all for the nclex. I took the nclex in sept 09. I only studied for a week or so and thought that I would be able to pass it...pretty stupid of me :down: anyways, I failed with 265 and was pretty upset. So I went out and bought the saunders 4th ed book and I didn't read all the chapters...I just did ALL of the tests at the end of every chapter then I read the rationals on ALL the questions...both the questions I got right and wrong. If I found that I struggled on a certain quiz...i went back and skimmed through the chapter and bc obviously I was weak in that area. That is what I would suggest doing. Do all of the quizzes. I also put in the cd and just practiced question after question after question. I also typed out a sheet of paper with lab values and common drugs and their side affects an therapeutic levels. I also went on allnurses.com and looked under the thread "random fact throw" (something like that). I copied and pasted a bunch of the facts that I thought were pretty important to know and took that sheet of paper around everywhere i went. On the morning before the test I read through the lab value sheet and the random fact sheet and thats it! I tried to study every day for about a month straight but some days I didnt study at all :anbd:


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how long after you take the test do you do the pearson vue trick?


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I did the PVT about 1 hour after my test was finished...but on the PV website it must say "Delivery Successfull" or else it wont work. For the first hour mine said something different like "not delivered" but then it switched over to successfull and then i did the trick :D


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Congrats!! :)


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to: kc88

msg: hi! and congrats! btw, how long did you wait to receive your eligibility to retest? and how long did you also wait to get your ATT to retest? nways, what state are you in? thanks! and good luck as an R.N.


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what is the pearson trick?


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what is the pearson trick?

Just sort this forum by # of posts; it should be at the top. Or try searching. :p


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I'm so nervous, I just took the Nclex RN for the first time last Thursday. I get the "good" pop-up on pearsonvue, but am still having mini panic attacks everytime I think about the test. I finished in 75 questions, I hope hope hope for good news this week.