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Questions about Air Force Critical Care Air Transport Team in the Reserves

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I've always had an interest in serving in the military and I've been looking into joining the Air Force Reserves. One are that is really interesting to me is the Critical Care Air Transport Team. I've been working as an ICU nurse for two years now since obtaining my BSN back in 2012.

Is it hard to get a position on a CCATT team? Is two years experience in the ICU?

I'd love more info about Critical Care Air Transport from anybody who maybe has or currently works on one, or knows individuals that do.

I was accepted into the Air Force CCATT. I had to turn it down, due to personal issues. At the time, I had 20+ years of critical care nursing experience, and I had my CCRN, which I think is required.

I was also a Flight Nurse in the AF Reserves. You would need to call a NURSING Air Force recruiter, and ask them. You cannot just commission, and become a CCATT Nurse. The team is made up of only reservists. You also probably need to contact a nursing/medical reserve unit, and talk to them about commissioning in the reserves, and go from there. It will be along haul. Also, the CCATT team will be the first to be called up to be activated. The CCATT designation puts a target on your head for deployment. If you don't want to be activated, don't even consider CCATT.

There is a school they will send you to if you get accepted onto the team.

Also, don't expect to talk to a recruiter, and be in the reserves the next week. Good luck. PM me if you have any questions.

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I would like to point out that CCATT nurses are NOT flight nurses. The CCATT program is far shorter (I believe ~1month) than the flight nursing training program. Flight nurses earn their wings, but CCATT nurses do not.

The CCATT team goes with a few ICU patients in a flight transport situation. The flight nursing team stays with the plane and they take care of the stable med-surg level patients.


I am interested in going into the Air Force reserves as a flight nurse. Would it be ok if I PM you? I would like to actually talk to a flight nurse before I talk to a recruiter just so I know what to expect.

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I'm a flight nurse in the WY Air Guard, you can PM me if you like. And you can commission into a CCATT slot. Your best bet is to find a unit, contact them, and apply through them. To the OP, I think you would be qualified, I'm not sure about the CCRN, but that's a great idea in any case.