75 question on nclex ???


what are the chances for passing with 75 questions?? I passed my LPN with the minimum but for the RN I am freaking out Does anybody has failed with 75? or thought that failed and passed ?

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Many, many threads on this subject in the NCLEX forum.


More statistically likely that you passed if it shut off after 75 questions. :)


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People pass and fail at all numbers of questions, but if you're a first-time, US-educated candidate, it's far more likely that you passed, regardless of the number of questions.

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I passed my boards with 75 questions too though I was a little surprised when it shut off- I didn't expect it!


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i can tell you first hand that it doesn't matter. the number has absolutely nothing to do with passing or failing!!!

I passed with 75 questions as well as many of my friends/classmates. There were a couple that failed after answering only 75 and 77 questions. From my observation if the questions seemed really easy and it shut off at 75 you probably didn't do well. If you left feeling completely dumb, then you passed.

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If it stopped at 75, you either passed easily or failed big time. Think positive!


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I'm freaking out too - I took it yesterday and it shut off at 75 and I didn't want it to as I felt like I hadn't answered enough questions correctly. Anyway, I know at least 10 people who have taken it and it shut off @ 75 and they passed so who knows. I'm reading the threads here and some say it shutoff at 75 and they failed...that's really scary. The point is though if you never got to what they call the analysis/application type questions and were only answering "knowledge" type questions, then there's a good chance one could fail.

Good luck to everyone, let's keep positive and hope that we all passed!

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