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I just took my Hesi A2 Entrance Exam and did well on my A & P, Chemistry, Math, CT, however, I kind of rushed through the Reading Comprehesion, Vocab, & I made C's on all of those =(

I would like to retake it again but just on the subjects I didn't do so well in, does anyone know about retakes, is it require by Hesi that I have to take all the sections again or can I just retake the ones I would like to?

Thanks for your help.

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At the school I went to, you retake the whole exam. I believe it is a standard policy

I am sure that one of the schools that I tested for let people retake only the specific sections that needed improvement. But I think they only got one retake. Check with your school to see what their policy is.

Thank you! I shall ask about whether we can take sections of it. The schools I'm applying to require that we can retake it once.


I'm planning on re-taking the HESI admission exam, but I'm worried about the CT part. There is a minimum requirement but no study material for it. I have no experience as a Nurse, but the questions for it seem to be more for someone who has the experience.

How did you prepare for it? How did you know what to answer?

Did you ask yourself something to figure it out?

Help please! Thanks!

~ Abby

Did you retake the HESI? did you have to retake all of the sections? I have to retake Biology and Chemistry and I am terrified I wont pass the second time again :( is there any help you could give me?

How was the test the second time around? I have to retake the Hesi in a couple of weeks and I am wondering if its going to be the same test or different version??? Anyone who has retook it please let me know!! Thanks!

My school only allows you to retake the HESI once and only after you have been declined admission.

So if you get declined twice you are can not retake the HESI a third time.

my school allows us to retake hesi as many times as we want, but only once a semester and we have to take the whole thing

Has anyone taken the HESI twice? How similar were the two tests?

it sounds like its different for everyone... i looked on the website and someone asked this same question. ppl responded with "not at all the same" or "some of its the same," or "its the exact same test!" .... i was told my test would be exactly the same when i retake. but i guess i'll find out for sure in a couple weeks!

Thanks for the info. I'm taking the HESI again this saturday, so I guess I'll find out!

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