Question: Does the nursing staff at your facility have cleaning assignments?

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I have a question for everyone. Does the nursing staff at your facility have assigned cleaning duties? I was posting on another thread and I happened to mention that at our facility we have assigned cleaning duties. Some of the cleaning duties entail cleaning the med room and the med room fridge, cleaning our nurses's stations (dust and such), dusting the exterior of the crash cart, checking for outdates, and the list goes on. Is the common pracitice in hospitals and LTC facilities? This is the only hospital I have worked for since I got of nursing school. I work for small, rural facility with about 85 beds total. On the thread I was mentioning this, another poster acted really suprised that we had cleaning duties. Just want to know if this is commonplace. Thanks.


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We don't have "assigned" cleaning duties where I work, but everyone tries to keep the place clean (like the lounge and the nurses station). Housekeeping does the major stuff.

I heard a rumor though last week that in Jan we won't have housekeeping after 11pm (I work nights). I work in an all RN ICU, so that would mean WE will have to clean rooms after a transfer or expiration. All of us are saying hell no, but you and I know if we are full except for that dirty room, we are going to get an admission and we will be mopping those floors.


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Assigned cleaning of refrigerators, med cart ect are for techs. We all help if it's not too busy but we are not assigned. Everyone helps when the state is coming, but again it's not assigned. Housekeeping does all the major stuff.


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No cleaning assignments here, housekeeping has a 24/7 presence, be that what it is. We do have a stat house keeper in addition from 1500 to 2300 that is dispatched by the AOC. The nurses do try and pick up bits of paper and such, but no one has a duty to clean.

I can't imagine the unions response if we had to clean our own rooms after 2300.


Dee..... that photo should be up later in the week.


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Alas, we have no union :o


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It's amazing how much cleaner our facility is since we are assigned cleaning of our med carts, med room, and break room! Nurses can really make a mess and lately this mess has become smaller and smaller with no impact on overtime!


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thats one thing we dont have to do. some of us do it on our own though.

gee i hope nobody at our hospital reads this or we will be cleaning...they already got rid of phlebotomy, respiratory, and iv. i can see this coming


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I can see the point that the nursing staff should be responsible for keeping their own break room straightened (but the vacuuming, and general dusting should be housekeeping's responsibility). Hell will be in a deep freeze before I will clean a pt's room. We only have housekeeping until 11pm also, but usually it is not an issue to find a clean room with a clean bed. We are already responsible for cleaning IV pumps and BSC and such after a pt is dismissed. Ever wonder why there is a nursing shortage?:confused: :confused:


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We are not assigned cleaning duties but we know that when we are not busy, we are to be cleaning. There is a list posted in each room of items that need to be done all month long....I can't say that I greatly enjoy it.....I don't even like to clean at home :rolleyes: .......but it has to be done......shoot some days we are just grateful that housekeeping comes to mop the floors and pick up the trash!!! Lish

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I worked at a hospital last summer where part of the orientation was to learn how to mop floors, wipe furniture, clean toilets, and mix cleaning solution the right way...I thought that was a bit degrading, to be taught how to clean the "right" way.

I worked in the ICU's where they didn't have to clean their rooms, but the nurses on med-surg did. The general attitude was " I didn't get a college degree so I could clean toilets." I agree. Yes, it needs to be done, and no, I don't think nurses are "too good" to do some dirty work...but I don't think we should have to routinely do it. It just takes the nurse away from pt. care.

Like those poor nurses even have time to clean the rooms in addition to everything else.


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Chances are these duties are assigned because that assures that it will get done. Housekeeping is not responsible for such things as the med cart , refridgerator, nurses station etc. I don't believe they are to get near them. But that is as far as it goes. Forget about mopping and such. Nurses if you really want a shock, take a culture of the top of your med cart !!!!!!!

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At our hospital we dont clean patient rooms. There is a list with certain cleaning tasks for the CNA's if they have time to be done at least once a week. Utility rooms, storage rooms, nutrition areas. But that doesnt entail mopping. Just basic straightening, counter cleaning things on that order.

As far as the outdated meds, crash cart, med room. We all know it is part of our job to keep our environment clean and orderly. Checking for outdated materials, fluids, etc. is part of giving proper nursing care. You should check expriation dates everytime you use something anyway. Otherwise, central dispatch checks things that are not used frequently. Straightening a patients room once a shift is also just good nursing care to prevent falls, injuries and just general clutter.

But then we all turn into housekeeping staff when joint commission or health department is due in.

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