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75Qs today and FREAKING OUT

by runner2153 runner2153 (New) New

OK...I just finished my NCLEX-RN. I got there an hour early because I was tired of sitting around my house with nothing to do! They took me right away and I got 75Qs. I had 7 select all that apply, lots of priority/delegation, and tons of meds. I honestly feel about 25% sure that I passed...I really don't know. Did anyone else take it today????

i took mine tues. it sounds like our tests were very similar! i am still waiting on my results!! ugh! i am trying to occupy my time, but it just doesn't work!!

i am praying for us!:uhoh3:

still no results for me...it's killing me. i can't sleep at all!!!!!!! i did manage to get out today and do some shopping and saw a movie and of course logged on pearson as soon as i came home. and then cleaned my whole house about 4 times...but still nothing. i'm praying we passed!!!!!!!!!

Are we crazy for taking the exam on Friday or what? It is torture having to wait the entire weekend and Monday is also a holiday. Did you have to wait until Monday for your results? And I am sure that you ROCKED on your exam!

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sounds like the tet i had and i passed. you will be writing RN after your name soon

Just took mine today as well. 75?, first time around. No Kaplan or review course. Did maybe around 1500 review questions. I am Freaking out because I thought the content was fairly easy. I kept second guessing myself. Anyone feel the content on their exam was faily straight forward. Not so many meds (one on herbal that i got right & hoping it counted), maybe 8-10, mostly priority, some delegation, 4-6 Select all, 1 math question towards the end.

I just thought about this...do the "15 Tester questions" count in increasing your chances of passing & pull you up into the degree of difficulty??

I hope results are posted Monday afternoon (Labor day)???

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good luck to the ones who are waiting

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