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hi guys,., just recently took the nclex-rn exam today March 15,2014 at 10 am.. 2 days prior with my scheduled test appoinment, im so skeptical of am i going to pursue with it or just reschedule coz i feel like im not prepared yet, but UNFORTUNATELY, yesterday march 14 the pearson website says, their web is under maintenace and i wont be able to resched my exam,., so yeah, i just went through with it and took it today,., lol,. and so i heard abbout this PVT,. so few hours after i finished with my exam i did give a try. but to be honest i really lost my hope of passing this one, because i shut off at 75 and 40 percent of it was select alll that apply type, so i thought there's no way i'l pass this,, and just to lessen my agony once and for all, i did the PVT, and yeah on my surprise i had a good pop-up,. like ive done it 6 times today,., but im worried if this trick works still because of the article ive read that if you check it on weekends you'll get a false-positive result,., and two, the system is under maintenance so they prolly fixed it already,., but im still hoping and praying that i still made it,.,anyone knows about its accuracy?thanks=)


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1. Sata questions are the highest level of question. If you got 40 percent sata then you obviously passed bc you were getting very difficult questions.

2. The trick hasn't been fixed for years, I doubt they would fix it now.

3. Where in the world did you read that it doesn't work on weekends?

Congrats, you passed.


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i started receiving select all that apply questions at no.4 then had 2 chart/exhibit item and 3 multiple ordered response,. so i was really frantic since im not sure if i made any correct answers among those,.then it just stopped at 75,. and im not confident since i just did self-reviewing for a month d/t financial constraints,.,but thanks tho,, ill try checking the PVT on the following days till i can access the quick result since it will still take 24-48 hours before you can do that,. :)


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Pidgz, Congrats Nurse. Congrats "RN" - the trick works. it makes logical sense that the system will not allow a person who passed to reschedule for the exam so stop worrying. We will await your good news after viewing your quick results which will say PASS :roflmao: Now, I need all my fellow new Nurses to use their critical thinking & understand this trick works. HaHa. For me, I took my test on a Sat., got good pop up 2hr 15min (75 questions later) at my car & was in NYC celebrating that night. No posts about does this work, b/c I knew it was a pass when the system did not take me to the CC page. So, Pidgz, Congrats again my fellow RN -


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thanks at @ChazzW...:) yeah will update as soon as i get official result.. :)

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