PVT I think I passed!

Nursing Students NCLEX


Took NCLEX june 28th had around 110-120 questions, did the PVT today and got the good pop up I believe. It said Delivery successful, It says, "Please contact your Member Board for further assistance." does that mean I PASSED!!!!!

Please Let me know

I got a good pop up too

Took mine yesterday and got the good pop-up, too. I refuse to chill until my quickresults are ready, though.

YAY!!!! Is that what it says if you passed? I felt really comfortable with the NCLEX that is why I am so nervous. I just hope that I passed but I have to wait until Monday for quick results to confirm......

Supposedly that message means you passed, but I'm not telling my friends and family yet!

I totally agree.... Just felt way to comfortable with the test so its like a to good to be true kinda thing!!! I used the Kaplan on demand I only had a month to prepare with it between graduation and taking the NCLEX But I can honestly say it helped me! I live in MI and I am not sure if they do quick results on the weekend or not. Ill be checking for results tomorrow (48 hours) and if they aren't there Ill be checking monday for sure! PVT did ease my mind a bit though.

congrats on good pop up!

what did you use to study?

how was your exam?

took nclex today 8am , got a good pop up, did I really passed??

i used kaplan on demand because i really wanted to review my content. i liked that they had a payment plan, also if you sign up for their free stategy seminar online they give you a promo code for 50$ off the kaplan course. i liked that i could do it at my own pace and on my own time. i graduated may 4th 2012 and took about a week off from everything. i was working also. i scheduled my exam for june 28th and took 1 month to study. i had to go through the kaplan course pretty hard since i only had a month.

kaplan qt 1-7 scores:

qt1: 58, qt2: 58, qt3: 59, qt4: 47, qt5: 60, qt6: 61, qt7: 62

- kaplan qbank average: 64% (only did about 40% because of time)

- kaplan diagnostic test: 58%

- kaplan readiness test: 62%

- total practice questions completed: 8,000

- how long did you prepare: 1 month

- questions per day: 100-150

- books: i used 2 books: kaplan 2011-12 for test taking strategies.

- nclex result and # of ques: took nclex had between 110-120 questions sata, priority, exhibit, drop drag, pictures, math, and meds! i finished in 1hr and 45 min with one break.

i was very nervous went down to the testing site the night before with two other ladies i studied and went to school with. we went swimming, ate out and talked about nclex we studied but only minimal. i woke up way to early it was hard for me to sleep, ate (even though my stomach hurt) and went to the testing site. after sitting down my nerves got the best of me and i took a break after 25 questions went back in and felt 100 times better and finished the test. i felt good about it but was nervous because i felt so good about it. did the pvt around 4pm that night about 6hours after my test and got the good popup!


i can honestly say i felt very prepared after using kaplan questions to me were along the same line as nclex. plus they have alot of sata!

i just took my nclex-pn at 8am this morning in sacramento, ca. i was not confident walking out of the test room. i had a lot of sata, pharm, & prioritizing questions. the computer shut off at 85 questions. i was so nervous. i went home n tried the pvt around 12:30 and i got the "good pop up".. i hope the pvt is true.. crossing my fingers. i read many comments about ppl getting the good pop up and passed. does anyone know anybody that got to the c/c page and failed?

I took NCLEX this morning and got the good pop up. I'm so nervous still though! I want it to be official!

Congrats to everyone that got the good pop up/passed! For those who didn't, don't worry.. Now you have an advantage for next time since you know what to expect and you know what areas you need to work on! Be proud for how far you've come.. You can do it!

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