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Purchasing Stethoscope through Internet


I will start my clinicals in January and am planning to buy a stethoscope through the internet. Can anyone recommend retailers that they have tried in the past? Preferably, fast and reliable sites. Thanks.



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I love redding medical. I never have had a problem with them at all, love their engraving and selection. Just my :twocents:. Hope all goes well!

I bought my Littman from allheart.com & was very satisfied with them


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I have used Redding Medical who was very prompt. Allheart was of good timing, but I have heard negative things from others about poor sending time. I also like Galls.com for timeliness/quality, but they are a tad more expensive on some items (not all).

I purchased mine through http://www.reddingmedical.com and their delivery was fast! I remember ordering it on a friday and got it that following wednesday (because they don't ship over the weekends, I guess). And I got a good deal on it - I paid $73.95 w/ tax and s&h (Littman Classic II S.E.). There is a medical supply store in my area but it has a high tax rate and they do not offer student discounts on Littmans. The Classic II at that place was starting at $83, and with tax and everything else I would probably have paid $90+ for it!

Reddingmedical also gave me a free stethoscope ID tag :yeah:


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I got mine from Allheart.com. I ordered the allheart brand stainless-steel stethoscope. Works very well. Only cost about 20 bucks plus shipping. I refuse to spend over 20 bucks on a stethoscope.

wow i wish i had one



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I bought my Littman II SE from Steeles.com for about $60. It arrived quickly, no problem. j

Mimi2RN, ASN, RN

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I usually purchase stethoscopes from Redding Medical, and I've always had good service. This time I wanted replacement tubing for my neo Littman, and found a good price at Steele's. I was very happy with their service, too.


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i know i have commented before, but I really like eBay for my purchases!

gonzo1, ASN, RN

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I have gotten 2 stethoscopes and some other things from allheart and never had a bad experience yet.

Never mind a company, I've found in my experiences online. I used allheart.com once online, but there are LOTS of cheaper sources than that company and others. Just do a GOOGLE search by stethoscope brand-model and get ready for lots of links. Then look for the least expensive. (How about a nice red or grey one--no one seems to want those so they are less expensive.) Amazon.com--as the seller--seems to be the cheapest--and MOST IMPORTANTLY Amazon ships for FREE if they are the seller. A lot of companies look cheaper but then add on $10-$12 for shipping. Good luck. But most of all, have fun looking.

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