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I am a 29 year old male during a job physical at a local clinic the female doctor gave me the most complete physical ever it included a testicular and prostate exam do you think is it normal for a... Read More

  1. by   Noney
    What a coincidence! Another new poster asked almost the question about rectal exams during vag. exams.

  2. by   pat29
    Odd bazar whatever you want to call really happened
  3. by   ceecel.dee
    You seem a bit fixated on your feeling of embarrassment. You went in asking for a physical, and that is what you got. Some practitioners believe that if the patient is male, they have a prostate and it will be checked. They will automatically check a female's breasts, regardless of her age.

    Trust me, your embarrassment is wasted energy. They do so many of these exams, or clean up after so many of them, they are in auto pilot about attaching any feeling to them. (However, waiting to clean up a room until the patient is actually gone, seems to be more correct in the etiquette department.)
  4. by   DOCS RN
    Pat29, no this is definately not normal. A rectal/prostate exam is not required for an employment physical. It just like requiring a female to have a pelvic and breast exam for employment. I would question this person and administration with regard to this practice and persue it to the end. The practioner was very much out of line.
  5. by   camay1221_RN
    I have a friend with a 21 year old who was dx with testicular cancer as a result of abnormal finding on a routine exam. Granted, it wasn't for his job, but take some comfort in knowing, had there been something there, her thoroughness could have saved your life.

    Quote from pat29
    Yes she was very through!! and the job physical did not require most of what she did it was very embarassing to have to get the exam with a female doc I am asking if it is normal to get a prostate exam at under 40
  6. by   Paul12
    Would women be happen with a thorough check if just for a job that they had to have some male doctor doing a thorough vaginal inspection? Would they be saying "gee I’m glad that doctor gave me such a thorough exam"? No they would be calling their lawyers to sue the doctor.
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  7. by   Porcupine
    I realize you may have been embarrassed, but you should be thankful to have her providing the best care she could. My last "physical" was a joke.
    The whole event took about 15 min., including being weighed and blood sample. I have had more complete examinations when I was a kid getting
    ready for summer camp. This doctor has been giving me physicals now for
    3 years. Each year, the exam gets shorter and less informative.

    Needless to say, I have changed doctors and I will be getting a real exam
    as soon as my insurance will let me. I want, and expect, a complete physical examination. The doctor, the nurses and whoever may embarrass
    me, but it will not be as embarrassing as needlessly dying at an early age.

    Some day you may look back and be grateful.

  8. by   Havin' A Party!
    Quote from Paul12
    ... Would women be happen with a thorough check if just for a job that they had to have some male doctor doing a thorough vaginal inspection? Would they be saying "gee I’m glad that doctor gave me such a thorough exam"? ...
    Sorta reminds me of that SNL skit where Mel Gibson played the gynecologist.
  9. by   Porcupine
    If they were smart they would.
  10. by   angelique777
    Personally if it where me, for a job physical, anything that is that invasive I would refuse stating that is why I have a primary physician for that detail of an exam. I would have to refuse and say its out of the norm for such an invasive exam for a job. Blood test general physical OK. On a job physical the male physician wanted to do a breast exam I said it was not necessary for the job and I had a physical with my doctor who already checked my breast.

    Just my opinion since I am very private and picky about who gives me a physical.

  11. by   brian2901
    You might think of it this way. Some agencies require this and it is included in the paperwok for the examining practitioner. I have worked at the same Fire department for the last thirteen years. I was 19 when I was hired, I had to have full physical with rectal exam and colonoscopy. Worse yet, we get physicals every year and get the same thing every year minus the colonoscopy, which after the first time goes to an every five years event. Comical part is when I was hired at the hospital PRN my entry physical was a three day event. I'm like everyone else, it's embarassing, but it's one of those things in life. Kinda like death and taxes
  12. by   zoochic
    Yes, a physical is not the most enjoyable moment in life(regardless of the sex of the doctor). Like Brian said though, it's just one of those things you have to do. Earlier this summer I had to go and get a physical before i got my job. My regular doctor is female, but for this exam I had a male doctor, which made me a little nervous. The whole thing was going ok, my nerves were settled a little because I wasn't having to endure anything that was too embarrassing. And then, of course, he had to give me the breast exam! I got the shakes as soon as he said "ok, go ahead and take your shirt off". I know it's an everyday routine thing for the doc, but for you and me that's not. I was embarrassed not of my body, but being half naked in front of a man i didn't know who was also feeling my boobs. I knew i was going to have to have this done in order to start my job, so I got through it, got dressed, and got my job!
  13. by   Porcupine
    I understand completely what you are saying and why, but the situation is a little different with a male. The employer will likely be scared not to hire you because he is worried about being sued. With a male it is a little different. Dispite what you are told, the law regarding discrimination is not a two way street.