Pt not getting procedure because of med

by PaddedCellLPN PaddedCellLPN (New) New Nurse

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Night shift here. Pt scheduled for a stress test the next day. Day shift reported NPO after MN, no meds held. All 2100 meds given as ordered. Pt NPO as ordered. No meds held per cardio MD. 

Pt was given 3.25 mg of Coreg at 2100. Cardio comes unglued that the Coreg was given, then cancels study due to an unrelated (really, it was a "We don't have the ability to do this procedure due to his size" and "We didn't know he was actually this sick, its not safe") reason. Another nurse is acting like I should loose my license, but there was no order to hold ANYTHING. Nothing. Just NPO

How wrong was I? Yes, I'm beating myself up with the should've, could've, would've thoughts. In the end, the cancelation had nothing to do with the med, but still... I should've caught it.