Evidenced Based Paper

  1. We have to do an evidence based practice paper this semester. Since I would like to go into psych or neuro nursing, I would preferably like my paper to be related to one of those specialties. However, I am having a hard time coming up with topic ideas. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   Whispera
    What topic are you interested in, more than others? Jump into it head first and enjoy! Only you know what interests you.
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    May I suggest starting with the relativity between a cerebral vascular accident and psychosis/dementia. I was floated to rehab two nights ago and to neurovascular last night. Although the latter was more acute, I could swear I had the exact same patients on both units.good luck!
  5. by   greenbeanio
    So many topics, so little time!
    Implementing evidence-based best practices for trauma-informed care on the inpatient psych unit
    Correlation between depression and diabetes and the implications for practice
    Effectiveness of Chronotherapy/phototherapy in depression
    Effect of exercise on depression
    Effect of exercise on anxiety
    Effect of exercise on ADHD
    "Green Care" which includes horticultural therapy, "green exercise", "green play spaces" etc
    Patient-centered/patient-empowerment approaches to dealing with cutting/self-injury on the inpatient psych unit

    Of course, all of these reflect my particular interests and may not be anything you are interested in, so really, Whispera had the best advice - identify what you find interesting and then pick an aspect of it to explore and see what you find. One approach may be to find a disorder that you want to explore further, such as depressive episodes in bipolar disorder, or bulimia, or panic attacks, and see what evidence based practice there is out there that has been proven to be effective. Remember to focus on the nurse's role, not just on something like meds which are more medically oriented rather than nursing-oriented. Hope this helps.