7-3 or 3-11?

  1. Hey psych nurses!

    I just recently accepted a position in an acute adult psych unit in a hospital. I have a choice between the 7-3 or 3-11 shift for the unit. Which shift do you prefer and why?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I prefer 3-11 simply because I'm a night person. Management is typically not around much in the evenings, either.
  4. by   pixierose
    I prefer my 3-11 because I'm not a morning person, management is not around (though this can be a bad thing at times since they don't have a clear picture of what goes on and staff it so), and the camaraderie is fantastic.
  5. by   audreysmagic
    I'm NOT a morning person, and I used to prefer 3-11 for the reasons the other posters mentioned...no management, get to sleep in. However, after moving for a bit to 7-3, I wouldn't go back. Getting up is still a bear, but I get so much more done in the evenings. On my work days, I never did much on 3-11's, because I'd sleep in, get up and go to work, then unwind for a bit and go to bed. Plus, 3-11 in my facility is just a lot more chaotic because adolescents like to "turn up" around bedtime. :-D I actually just started in Infection Control at my facility, so now I'm not on the floors and it's more 8a-4p, but I really surprised myself with the preference I developed for day shift...
  6. by   Davey Do
    Quote from kingvonnBSN2017
    I just recently accepted a position in an acute adult psych unit in a hospital. I have a choice between the 7-3 or 3-11 shift for the unit. Which shift do you prefer and why?
    It's like everyone else said, it's just a matter of preference.

    I haven't worked anything but MNs for the past 14 years, but when I started at Wrongway Regional Medical Center, I worked the dayshift. But, I like mornings and all the hub bub.
  7. by   verene
    I prefer 3-11 shifts because I'm not a morning person, and I like waking up with out using an alarm clock, and I'm much more likely to run errands or do chores before work rather than after. That being said I'm currently working a 0600-1830 shift and surviving. For me the ability to have shifts line up with the rest of what I have going on in life is most important, I need semi-consistent sleep/wake times no matter what hours those happen to be.
  8. by   Meriwhen
    Before I discovered the joy of 11-7, I preferred 3-11. Management was on its way out the door, the patients would be settling down, and things generally ran fairly smoothly. If I had to contact a MD, it wouldn't be at some unreasonable hour. I also am a night owl, so I'd work 3-11, stay up until 2-3, and sleep until 9-10.

    However, if you have a family, especially one with school-age kids, 3-11 is a pretty tough shift to work around. You're home when they're at school/work; when they're home you're at work. Depending on who leaves when and what time they fall asleep, your paths may only cross at breakfast and/or bedtime...or they may not cross at all that day. If kids are in the mix, IMO 7-3 or even 11-7 would be the better fit.
  9. by   FolksBtrippin
    I hate 3-11 and love 7-3. Working 7-3, I can come home and cook dinner (which is fun for me) and have time to see my kids before they run off to their extracurriculars.

    When I work 3-11 I don't see my kids or husband, and it's also the time the unit goes wild. So many restraints during 3-11. Don't know why, but thats when it seems folks decompensate.
  10. by   caliotter3
    Swing shift gives you time during the morning to take care of personal business and you still get home in enough time to get a decent night's sleep. So, it is better for those aspects of quality of life. Unfortunately, you miss after school/work time with your family. Also, the added benefit of not having the "day" emphasis, at least after they go home, helps. The biggest detriments are visiting hours after dinner, visitors underfoot can be counterproductive, and if your management does not control admissions so that they occur only during day shift, you can get swamped just when you need to be doing a big med pass.