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Protocol for resigning


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Ok, so anyone who's been following my posts, knows that I have had a rough go with my current job. I have found a new one for more money, no call, no weekends, no holidays and a flexible schedule. My question is, how do I resign from my current job? Sounds stupid, but as a staff nurse, I'd just put in my two weeks notice.

I have no contract. I've been there 8 months without a contract, or benefits, (no sick time, no holiday pay, no overtime, no call pay) and for much less than average pay. Although I know they have been taking advantage of me, they also hired me before I had my license, and trained me. I feel bad about quitting, but the hours are not really conducive to my family.

So, do I still need to give the customary 30 days notice? Or is it ok to just give 2 weeks? All opinions are helpful. I JUST got my own patient load.


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Just give the customary 2 weeks and offer to stay more if they need it.


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Does your job have an employee manual that describes the resignation procedure? I recently resigned from a job and have started a new one. It was a large organization that had its employee manual online, and that's where I saw that I needed to give 2 weeks notice. Not all jobs are like that though, one of my friends had to give 90 days notice. Congrats on the new job.

Legally, there is no notice requirement in any state. Unless you have a contract or work pursuant to a collective bargaining agreement, the amount of advance warning you give before termination of your employment is solely up to you and your good judgment.

I no longer feel guilty about doing anything that is in my best interest and not the companies best interest. If the shoe was on the other foot, you'd get no notice. They hired you because it was in their best interest not yours. It pains me to say this, but after some tough spots in a long career, I've changed my tune. Two weeks is more than enough notice given your pay and staffing. They have made a choice about how they want to run their business, they need to live with the consequences of that choice, just as the rest of us live with ours. Don't waste time feeling bad about doing what is right for you and your family.

your position sounds to be a 'casual position' with no benefits, vacation or sick time or contract.

There is no notice required with a casual position.

You could choose to give 2 weeks notice since you have been there only 8 month. Up to you.

Tried to give two weeks, but due to hiring company taking longer than either of us expected (no change in start date) there wasn't enough time. No position requires any length of time, though I acknowledge some need to provide notice. Not sure why companies feel that this issue isn't a two way street as are most other issues. I stand by my comments.

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I had to give 90 days with my last job.

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What did you decide and do? How did it work out?