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Here is my questions. Are people supposed to enjoy their job? I mean I hate my current job as a worker's comp CM. I hate the hours, and the travel, not necessarily my actual work.

I have been interviewing like crazy, and I feel like my resume is being picked apart under a microscope, yet...even if I feel it was a bad interview, I get called and offered the job, I guess no one is beating down their doors to get the job I got drilled to peices in interviews by four different people who all entered the room, and asked the exact same questions from their stupid little form paper.

So, after this second interview today, the doc who interviewed me said well, it concerns me that you didn't enjoy having to "police" the doctors at your former position, but in this position you are applying for, you would be in a position to have to deny hospital days to doctors and face their anger, and sure anyone can "handle" that all day, but why would anyone choose to? So, I am thinking to myself, ya know what? Why the he!! woud I want this job? He had a point.

So, I am thinking I have changed jobs so much, is there really anything out there that will make me happy? Is there any job I don't need a specail degree for outside of nursing that I can do for the same money?

I mean people work out of necessity, so since we have to, am I just setting my expectations too high by wanting to have decent hours, a decent salary, and a decent position? Am I just too picky?

Darn those freaking femeinists who wanted us to get respect in the real world. I would have hapily never worked a day in my life!

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I had to smile at your last sentence.

Let's see, a decent salary, decent hours, and a decent position. Isn't is sad that in nursing that may be just too much to ask. That we have to sacrifice one for the other. Right now I have a decent salary and a deent position but not decent hours....sigh. There is nothing wrong though with continuing to look for what you want. I admire people that risk and step out, rather than stay stuck.

Let me know how you do. Good luck.


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There are tons of philosophical books on that very question, Hoolahan.

I agree with 3rdShiftGuy - there is absolutely nothing wrong with continuing to look for what you want.

When you have time to yourself, read a quick short book that may hold some answers that you seek: "Who Moved My Cheese" by Spencer Johnson M.D.

And by the way.. CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a SUPER moderator!! We always knew you were super but now it's official. :D


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Good question. At last count (35-40 jobs depending on how short a time "counts"), I'm STILL looking. The field of nursing seems less and less promising all the time, however.


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Write down exactly what you want -- as far as hours, salary, and what you want to do. And when you interview, tell them what YOU want.

You may not be offered every job, but when you ARE offered a job, you and your employer are more likely to be on the same page as far as mutual expectations.

And Vegas, I liked "Who Moved My Cheese?" too.

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Maybe you need to get into a totally different area of nursing. I loved PICU in a high acuity hospital in Los Angeles. Don't know if I'd like anything less. (moved onto CRNA school). Who moved my cheese is an excellent book, good idea.

I hope you find a area in nursing that you enjoy, life is too short.

Good luck

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I agree with Researchrabbit, Linda. You are accepting jobs that YOU do not want. What part of nursing have you honestly loved and enjoyed through the years? What part of each of your jobs have you hated? And what part of each job has been something you tolerated or didn't mind?

I work CV-ICU and love it. I've been in the same unit for 23 years; and in critical care for 29 years. Before this unit, I had never been anywhere for more than 3 years. I am finding the physical part of my job is starting to take its' toll on me, and I will be switching from nights to an evening Baylor position at the end of the year. The things I love about my job are the fact that I still am learning something new nearly every day; that I make a difference in 1 or 2 people's lives each shift; I work with a great bunch of people; and most of my co-workers respect my opinions. I hope this may help you with finding what you like and don't like. I haven't read the book that Vegas reccommended, but it does sound good.

Good Luck.


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I firmly believe that we should be able to enjoy our work that we do and feel satisfaction at the end of the day....unfortunately, not everybody does. Nursing is such a vast world of endless opportunities. Make a list of what you would like to do and for what reasons. I'm sure there is something out there for you. ask other nurses what they like/dislike about their some research on this.....maybe this will help u in the long-run. GOOD LUCK!!!


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Thanks folks.

Vegas, don't be too impressed, that is my default title, I tried to change it to nursing gypsy, and screwed up! LOL! I've been "super" for a while, just always seemed to pretentious-sounding to be by my name, so I changed it.

sjoe, truly, that many jobs? Thanks, you made me feel so much better!!!

I got that as an interview question actually, if you could design your job that you wanted what yu it be, your perfect job? What a loaded question!!

My answer today was I would own my own home health agency, but I would not want to have to deal with hcfa regulations. This probably made them go...uh oh, she isn't a "team player" Oh how I HATE that phrase!!!

Never heard of the book, but I will have to get it. Lord knows I need some advice.

I have an interview Friday, to go back to an employer, a namaged care co tghat I wasn't thrilled with (But that dept was a bad one out of the place) and it is 10 min from my house.

I know this much

1. I loved HH but I was sick of bogus visits on the weekend and holidays. It is entirely possible for my company to operate w/o being open on weekends and holidays, but they are greedy, so they won't. In HH nothing is an emergency, that is what 911 is for.

2. I am done with hospitals and their crap, unsafe scheduling, the physical toll, in CT ICU Jenny, we had out share of dead weight, as I am sure you know, and I am no one to talk, but most cardiac pt's aren't skinny!

3. I will not work another Christmas day unless it is my choice, or my family is in danger of starving. I've done my share.

4. I would love to start my own biz, be my own boss, maybe even start a supllemental HH staffing company. I am seriously givinbg that more thought.

5. Whatever my next job is, I would like to fantasize that I will stay there and retire from it. It might be brave to step out and risk new ventures, but after awhile it gets old. You get so tired of having to "prove yourself" over and over to a new group of people. I don't want to move around w the possible exception of starting my own biz.

Sigh! After the Holidays I will have to get that book. I am so sick of this job, I am ready to go back to my HH per diem job until I get something else and just resign, but then, would have to do weekends, b/c I will NOT case manage in HH, they just don't pay you well enough for that aggravation.

Thanks for listening! Keep your thoughts coming. If only I could afford that Librarian degree! (Sigh!)


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I know you may not want to hear this

but I think you would make a fantastic teacher


hehe I know shut up wendy!!!!!

but its true, I find you an extremely good resource person ,incredibly knowledgable and supportive to boot

as to your question ,having only been a nurse for almost 4 years I dont know that I should be pondering the same thing, but I am. I love working med/surg eventhough our floor can be a dumping ground and is short staffed and what have you ... I just feel like theres somewhere else I'm supposed to be , something else I'm supposed to be pursuing ,and I have no idea what that might be....hopefully clarity will come sooner than later for all of us....

wishing you well regardless of what you choose!!!

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A teacher teacher, or a nursing instructor? I am NOT laughing.

I always wanted to be a Nursing instructor, but there is NO WAY I will go back to school for a MSN. That leaves nursing ed in a hospital, been there done that. I liked it, but not the lecturing part. I prefer the precepting end at the bedside. Too bad there isn't a job for professional preceptors!

As for "regular" teaching, again, this would require big money and my kids deserve their chance for college before I get more chances! Since I know of NO nursing jobs that will pay for education courses, that is pretty much out. If I taught, my age group is definitely 7yr olds. I adore kids at that age, their little toothless smiles, still innocent, but old enough to crack a good joke, play games, and given the right encouragement they blossom.

My real dream is to be a librarian, immersed in books at the library. Maybe I'll go to work at Barnes and Nobles or something.


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hoolie i meant a nursing instructor or professor but I'm sure youd be fantastic in any area of teaching but i see your point about the schooling thing

I have a funny feeling that youre good at everything you do ...........


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