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  1. NurseMrn

    Tell me about your sub coverage

    Wow, what state are you in? Our sub pay is around $80 I think... which is for 7.5 hrs...
  2. NurseMrn

    Tell me about your sub coverage

    Hi friends, So here is our situation. We have a float nurse in our district who's first priority is to cover for nursing absences. When not covering she has a regular rotating schedule. Due to many of us seeming to be bogged down with illness this year, we have had several times where coverage is NOT available, leaving nurses feel like we must drag ourselves into work, or the district scrambling to pull nurses from other schools or try to figure something out last minute. There have been times schools have been uncovered. (I know, not every school has a FT nurse, or even a nurse for that matter). It is a huge concern for us as the health needs of our children increase by the year (seizures, diabetics, etc.). We nurses have a simple solution which is to hire a second nurse for our middle school (a desperate need to be honest), or a second float nurse. Neither will happen because of the grand old problem of $$$$. We cannot get subs, because the sub pay honestly is laughable. Is there anything that really works for you guys? Do your schools go uncovered? I feel like this is probably a problem pretty much everywhere.... Thanks!
  3. NurseMrn

    Exclusion Policies

    Please tell me your school policies for exclusion of: Fevers Vomiting Diarrhea And the requirements for return to school. We have a very high rate of absence right now (18%), and I believe some of it is due to children returning to school and still being contagious. I understand not all vomiting is illness related (I have several of those kiddos). But our policy is so gray about these issues. Curious if you have some concrete rules regarding these things, and if you base it off of your state DHHS or if it is just per your district. Thanks so much!