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Nurse580 MSN, RN

Ortho/Neuro, General Medicine, Critical Care
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Nurse580 has 5 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Ortho/Neuro, General Medicine, Critical Care.

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  1. Nurse580

    Uworld, Mary Ann Hogan or Saunders?

    I took the NCLEX a week and a half ago and I passed in 75 questions. I only used UWorld to prepare. I found their questions and rationales to be through and very comprehensive. I finally was able to figure out the true "rules" about delegation and practiced so many delegation questions that I felt confident in making a decision tree in my head for approaching those questions. If you give yourself a month and make a plan of questions to practice you will be very prepared for the NCLEX. I would suggest doing them all and really studying the rationales as you go. Good Luck!
  2. Hello! I am hoping others who have gone through the new applicant RN licensing process in Illinois can help me with this. I passed the NCLEX on 9/20, my pass results were posted on the CTS site on Monday 9/23. A classmate of mine let us know that she was looking into her license being delayed and when she called IDFPR they stated they had not received her fingerprints- we all got them done electronically via IdentoGO at our school prior to graduation together on campus. I decided to call to check and IDFPR stated that they did not have them and that they would have to be resent. However, according to IdentoGO they are not "physically" sent- they are electronic and IDFPR has to use the tracking number to look them up. I have tried to explain this but the person at the call center at IDFPR did not seem to understand. CTS stated that I had to have proof of fingerprints in order to be able to register. I am at a loss of what to do/ who at IDFPR to contact to try and communicate with someone who understands how to access my fingerprints. Has anyone else gone through something similar/ can anyone give me advice on this process? I have checked the IDFPR website to no avail.
  3. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    The confirmation was 350 and the coat was sent by Rush as a gift! And thank you!
  4. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    Hello! I got my CNA in the Summer of 2016 and I have been working since August, first as a CNA for home health and then as a PCT in a hospital since December. My gpa according to nursingCAS: Overall: 3.52 I have a degree on Biology and I graduated in May 2016! Hope this helps!
  5. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    Got my acceptance yesterday and I just submitted my confirmation payment! Also got my white coat from them! Who all is definitely going to Rush? So excited!
  6. Hello! I am still completing a Nutrition course online and taking a stats class as my local community college( the last time I took stats was in high school for AP credit) so once I have completed the nutrition course I can submit my application! Do you have any idea how competitive the application process is? I am applying to other programs in Chicago as well. I have been working with a woman named Kelly, but she has been great too. I just wish I could talk to some current students!
  7. Nurse580

    Part-time 0.6

    Hello! I am currently applying to Direct Entry MSN Programs. All of them have said that the recommend students do not work while taking classes. Where you able to work as a PCT while going to school? How did you find a balance? Thanks!!
  8. Nurse580

    How much do you make as a tech?

    Starting 11.82/hr as a PCT in a hospital CNA working home health was 11/hr, I did that for three months -Suburb of Chicago
  9. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    It took about two weeks for my application to be verified!
  10. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2016

    Hello All! I am applying to the Rush University GEM Fall 2017 Cohort. I just got my invitation for an interview today, less than 30 minutes after my app was verified by NursingCAS! I was wondering if any of you all could shed some light on interview tips/ your backgrounds. Should I be excited I got the interview? I appreciate all your help! Also, where can I find my prerequisite GPA calculation on the NursingCAS application?
  11. Nurse580

    Rush University GEM Fall 2017

    My application was verified today and within 40 minutes of me getting the email saying my application was verified, I go an email saying I am invited to interview!
  12. I have been in the process of applying to this program as well! If any current students can comment on the application process and timeline for admission that would be great! Also, where have you been able to work after graduating?
  13. Hello All! I just submitted my supplemental application for Rush University and I was wondering if anyone else had applied? If so, how long after your application was verified by NursingCAS did you get an interview?