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  1. St.BaptistRN

    CMC Exam

    I took it in 2017. It was one of the more challenging exams that I've done. I used the Exam Secrets book. It was the only book dedicated to the test at the time. I wasn't too big a fan of it as it was cumbersome to follow in some sections. Good luck
  2. St.BaptistRN

    Is Anyone NOT Going to be an APRN?

    I’ve been a nurse for nearly 7 years now, and spent the whole time in ICU. I loved the rush of a fresh CABG and an unstable patient. However, I’m getting older and more run down. Plus, I want my wife to be able to settle down and not have to work. It seems like life is getting much more expensive, and I can’t support the life I want as a bedside nurse. Thus, the only way out is up.
  3. The program was very doable, finished August of ‘15. The only course I had an issue with was Public Health. That one was a nuisance. Other than that, the program gets my seal of approval. Relatively cheap ($10ish when I did it), no clinical, own pace. Would recommend. Easy to do it and work full time.
  4. St.BaptistRN

    RN Considering Air Force or Army

    Sounds like you have your stuff together, you should be fine. Do get your CCRN though. I applied to both Army and AF since they were only each taking about 12 ICU nurses that year. I got accepted by other and went AF. Benefit to AF: shorter deployments, but more frequent. Army has more inpatient hospitals and ICUs than AF. That being said, you'll get about 8 hospitals you can go to as AF ICU nurse. Army also has higher ICU bonus pay than AF (35K vs 20K). For the application though, Army had a heck of a lot more paperwork than the AF.
  5. St.BaptistRN

    AF interview, Chief Nurse

    For the Chief Nurse, be able to think critically, creatively if needed. You may be presented a scenario and asked how to respond.
  6. I joined the Air Force as a critical care nurse (M46N3E) last year and was wondering if it was possible to later remove the E identifier later in the future. I've come to realize that having that E limits assignments more than I realized. Has anyone ever been able to change from Critical Care Nurse to just regular nurse?
  7. St.BaptistRN

    AF Officer Guide Book/Prepare for DDA and COT

    I literally just finished COT not even a week ago. 1 start saving money, there's a good chance you're not going to get paid while you're there (a lot of financial problems). 2 get your CAC ID before you go, you can get it once your orders say your active, get a CAC reader while you're at it 3 start running, be able to do your required run, push up, sit up. We lost a few d/t PT test 4 prepare to get yelled at. They start off nice giving you your packet, then they turn on the drill instructor mode at an instance 5 buy ALL and I mean ALL your uniform items, they will have you buy them, they don't have all the supplies, and you're competing with 200 other people for the same stuff 6 good luck
  8. I'm not sure how far you'll get, but maybe you could get some paperwork and forms started
  9. It wasn't hard to do, just really tedious. I applied to both Air Force and Army, they were each looking for about 15 critical care nurses. Despite that, I got accepted by both and went with the Air Force, I can't speak about the Navy. In case your interested, the Army's packet was a heck of a lot longer than the Air Forces. It took over a year from the time I walked into a recruiting office to going to training. If you've only got associates, then you've got time to prepare and get your stuff ready.
  10. St.BaptistRN

    AF nursing culture

    I'm about to finish COT and had some questions before my first assignment. What Is it like being an AF nurse? I was talking to a PA and he mentioned that nurses are slow to promote (at least above Capt) and that it's pretty competitive, that nurses will throw each other under the bus and be cut throat. What are your guys opinions on the subject?
  11. St.BaptistRN

    New Neuro/Trauma RN, Need a Lot of Help

    Thank you for your thorough post. That's the type of crash course I needed. Thanks for your help
  12. St.BaptistRN

    New Neuro/Trauma RN, Need a Lot of Help

    Hello my fellow neuro nurses, So I just joined the Air Force and am finishing my training. I spoke with my new supervisor today, and found to my shock and terror that I will be going to the Neuro/Trauma ICU at SAMMC. I was originally told that I would be going to their CVICU, so I am a bit concerned. I have ALL the cardiac certifications and did my darnedest to avoid neuro at all costs. However, I don't have a choice/say in the matter, so I must get my positive outlook going and I am asking for guidance as I have very little neuro/trauma experience besides the basics. I appreciate the help
  13. St.BaptistRN

    Military critical care nursing

    Good luck, I'm trying to do the same, going to COT next week
  14. St.BaptistRN

    Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2016

    Just got orders for COT and Permanent duty station in Sammc
  15. St.BaptistRN

    Air Force Nursing Selection Boards Nov 2016

    Like most here, pushed from May to August, and still no scroll. Does anyone know why the process is held up? Is this normal for them?
  16. St.BaptistRN

    CMC exam

    I thought the CMC exam was one of the hardest I've ever taken, and that's including the CHFN, CCRN, and CSC exams. I used the Exam secrets series, It's a bright yellow book, found it on Amazon. It's the only book I've found on the actual test.

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