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  1. Nursinggetway

    Confused about this Offer?? HELP!

    Thank you so much
  2. Nursinggetway

    Confused about this Offer?? HELP!

    I received the most ambiguous offer for a PMHNP position and I am yet to sign it because I literally have no clue what I am signing. Can anyone help me out here? The offer is for 90/hr as an exempt employee. Apparently no benefits because nothing was listed in the official offer even though I was verbally told benefits will be given. These 2 things stuck out to me the most. Additional Agreements: As a condition of your employment, you agree to execute any additional agreements required by the Company at the start of your employment. This includes any agreements that relate to your confidentiality or intellectual property assignment obligations to the Company. You further agree that at all times during your employment (and afterwards as applicable), you will be bound by, and will fully comply with, these additional agreements. Entire Agreement: This employment agreement, along with the Confidentiality Agreement, sets forth the terms and conditions of your employment with the Company, and supersedes any prior representations or agreements concerning your employment with the Company, whether written or oral. You acknowledge and agree that you are not relying on any statements or representations concerning the Company or your employment with the Company except those made in this agreement. This employment agreement may not be modified or amended except by a written agreement signed by you and an authorized officer of the Company. What exactly are they saying?
  3. Nursinggetway

    Public Health Nurse Renewal in CA is now $300...

    Thinking of doing the same thing too. Never had to use it anyway. I just worry that when & if ever i do need it, the process towards reinstating may be a nightmare. California's BON's recent fee hikes/new charges are just plain ridiculous.
  4. Nursinggetway

    CA furnishing requirnment

    Hi I know this is a little old but what did you end up doing? I am in a similar predicament and I'm considering taking that course as well. Did you end up taking it? How was it?
  5. Nursinggetway

    I am not proud of my track record.

    Also QUITE A NUMBER of hospitals or nursing jobs are aware that nurses do not take their breaks simply because there just never seems to be enough time to complete tasks & most nurses here have complained about it meaning it's true, quite frankly many nursing homes refuse to pay overtime. I for one as a new nurse was used several times by these facilities, working 12 hours but only getting paid 8 hours, but I know better now. So basically My guess is, it isn't fraud when they pay u less than the hours you actually worked? Righhht? Please get off your high & mighty horses and GET REAL!
  6. Nursinggetway

    I am not proud of my track record.

    I have been a sideline observer on this site for long but this thread forced me to create an account just to leave a comment. I am honestly so sick & tired of this high & mighty next to Jesus Christ persona most nurses PRETEND to have when in reality most nurses are NOT! Many nurses pretend to love their job & not do it for the money, 🙄 lies! Your bills don't care to hear that & you know this. I'd like to see you all willingly take a pay cut since you love your job that much. Most nurses refuse to help their fellow colleagues in need & would much rather back bite & gossip about how incompetent he/she is. I am a relatively new nurse & so far, I have met so many horrible nurses, (old & young) who wouldn't even as much as admit to their faults like the poster did but would much rather lie about it or blame someone else for their crap, which begs the question "Where then are all the wonderful high & mighty I love being a nurse people who constantly comment on nursing threads?" Dang it! The lady already admitted to her mistakes why make her feel even worse? Where is your compassion as a human being let alone a nurse? I take it none of you have ever made a med error? Or can we deny we wouldn't like to be paid more for less hours? What she did is wrong wrong wrong but there's no need telling her she's a horrible person, taking into consideration the fact that she already feels terrible about it all. You either give her the advice she seeked for or shut it. As for the poster, here's my only advice to you. Certain aspects & avenues of nursing are simply not for everyone. They are simply way too demanding, tasking & meticulous for certain kinds of people. You come across as someone who is way too laid back, & frankly bedside nursing almost requires a Type A like personality. I'll suggest you look into an area of nursing that involves minimal risks plus 8 hour shifts or less. Best of luck to you & I truly hope you've learned from your mistakes.