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  1. I'm currently a nursing assistant at a teaching hospital in MICU and I have 1 semester left to be done with RN, ADN. I get floated to other units from time to time but MICU seems to be the most interesting one compared to med-surg. I work night shift for almost a year and it's really hard. My sleeping schedule messed up and I only could sleep 5-6 hours in a day during the Day time after work. I found my mood and body getting worse. I wish I don't have to work in the night shift. But here I'm graduating RN. I am deciding if I should choose Day shift over Night shift even if it's Tele/Med Surg just because I can have a normal life again (day time working and night time sleeping). I'm deciding if I should just choose any nursing position in the hospital but Day shift instead of night shift even if the night shift one is better in term of the specialty, the ICU. Working night is really horrible, my body and mind are really going down. but I'm also worried about my future RN path too if I would be a better nurse with ICU (more skilled). I am really leaning toward anything in Day shift but I just wanna hear comments.
  2. Nopparin

    Teas 6 test...on paper or computer?

    I am having TEAS 6 exam on Jan 5, 2017. How do I know if the exam will be in paper or computer? I registered at Nassua community college, NY. And how long does it take to receive the results? I need to submit my TEAS results to another college before Jan 15 so it is only 9 days. Will it be on time or even sooner? Thank you in advance..