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I currently work as RN for 1.5 years in step-down unit at trauma level 1 hospital.

In my department, lately the management cancels our work days whenever the census is low. One of my coworkers got canceled 2 shifts in a week. Sometimes they would just send nurses home early. I'm worried about my work stability 

So I applied and interviewed a job at a state VA nursing home. it's going to be 8x5. I have not heard back if they would hire me. 

If I get hired I thought that I would get pension when I retire (on top of my social security), and it might be hard to get fired or get work hours reduced. but the pay is non-negotiable and it is actually about $4/hr less than what I get now which is quite significant I thought.

I want to know if anyone works in State VA nursing home and how's it and how often do they give annual raise and how much if the starting pay is $64,480 a year. Also would it be hard to adjust coming from inpatient trauma level 1 hospital. 

Thank you. 

Claudia N

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The state VA nursing homes are different than the federal. Attempt to negotiate anyways, especially that you have proof you are making more. It is not true that "no one gets fired/hard to fire" because if you come across a supervisor that knows how to document properly, you can be fired; especially while on probation. If there is an actual VA (Federal) I would go there.....the adjustment at the state VA nursing might be a little too much for you in regards to the type of work. The 5 8 hour shifts sound great for a while until you are bored and want your days off like shift work.

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