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  1. I need help from a case manager/care manager

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through this. I am new in case management and don't have any solid answers. Depending on the state you reside, there are some facilities or group homes that will keep a resident until the application is processed...
  2. Tips for Organization

    Hello, I'm new to case management after working ICU for the last few years. I am seeking tips or advice in organizational techniques. I am utilizing excel for authorizations and reviews which works pretty well. My email that is used is through micros...
  3. Herzing University

  4. APRN Education

    As stated above in regards to independence - I believe this is a large factor in requiring specialization. Similar to an MD who has to specialize in a field. You won't see an ophthalmologist perform cardiac surgery, likewise in the NP realm.
  5. Herzing FNP

    Greetings, I see the PMHNP thread is busy with active and prospective students. I'm curious if there are any current and upcoming students in the FNP program. I see that the program is no longer "for profit" rather is now non-profit. I have not seen ...
  6. APN in Ophthalmology

    It is true, you don't hear a whole lot about NPs within the ophthalmology realm. Thank you for the link. I'll dig in there for some answers.
  7. APN in Ophthalmology

    Hello, I was curious to learn some details about APNs who entered the realm of ophthalmology. Prior to becoming a nurse, I worked in retina for 10 years. The doctor I worked with trained me as if I were a resident (performing exams, scrubbing in OR, ...
  8. Spring 2018 CEP

    Tell me about it. I'm trying to keep positive though. My goal is to work towards CRNA (now transitioning to DNP-A it seems), so in the meantime I just keep working on those pre-reqs. I will have to take them in the future anyways, so might as well ta...
  9. Spring 2018 CEP

    I'm seriously about to get very bummed out! Still nothing, but maybe a similar situation as you had? Ahh, probably wishful thinking. I guess I'll keep trying.. At this point I'm probably close to being enrolled in the ADN enrollment. I've been on the...
  10. Chance of getting into CEP?

    MCC and Scottsdale. It's weird, last enrollment I had received several emails from the university (Ottawa) and even a phone call. This go around, I received nothing. I am worried that my email or application was turned in wrong. I'll call an advisor ...
  11. Chance of getting into CEP?

    Hi, thank you for thinking of me :) I am very happy for everyone who has gotten in. But I haven't heard anything (again!!). I'll keep my fingers crossed something comes in later. If not, I'll have an aneurysm.
  12. CHM 130 At Rio�

    Chemistry is a very enjoyable class if you find the right professor. If by chance you live in the East valley, take the course again with ----------------. I took 152 with him a while ago and he was hands down one of the best professors I have had th...
  13. Chance of getting into CEP?

    Depends on who's applying. Last semester the advisor thought I was a sure thing with my stats and I didn't make it. Now I can't even remember my scores, but I had a GPA of 3.6 and around 94% on hesi. This enrollment, I have a 3.8 and an associates in...
  14. Chamberlain or Maricopa CC

    My advice: 1 - never put yourself that far into debt when there are cheaper options that offer equal training opportunities 2 - never ever pay that much money for a field that you have no experience in (if you don't, work as a CNA or in the medical s...
  15. I did, and I also had to sign an "awareness" sheet which had the July 31 date listed. But, rest assured, mid July will be here before we know it!