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Hello, I'm new to case management after working ICU for the last few years. I am seeking tips or advice in organizational techniques. I am utilizing excel for authorizations and reviews which works pretty well. My email that is used is through microsoft outlook which is rather new to me. As I receive multiple emails with various subjects, and I am hoping to learn some tricks as to how to organize my emails. Currently, I have created folders and rules for new admits and auths, pretty basic. 

As a new CM, I also welcome any other advice! Thank you


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Hello and congratulations! I too am new to CM and come with a strong background in CCU/ICU. I feel like I am trying to piece together a 1000 piece puzzle in learning all the dos and don't in this new role. The documentation is completely different from what I'm used to and that's saying a lot considering all the documenting that goes on in CCU. It's just a different world. I use outlook as well and set my links to Availity, Ensocare, Allscripts etc. as a priority email and it is always at the top of my email list so I can find it easily. I use the folders as well. 

Good luck to you in your new position. 



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I like to ask my new coworkers.  Almost everyone has a different way of doing things. I cobble together their ideas and make it work for me.