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  1. Beaue

    withdraw between classes

    I can't find my answer on allnurses.com so I am directly asking the question. What happens if a person withdraws between class. what I mean by this is we are taking fundamentals now and in March, we are starting med Surg. After finals in fundamentals, I may withdraw from all classes instead of returning to nursing. Does it matter if I am passing or failing since I withdraw before March 24 which is their last day to withdraw with a W. What do you think of Medical Assisting Associate of Applied Science Degree? one last thing, Does it mean I flunked out of nursing school even if I am passing before I drop? I'm stressed out as you can tell.
  2. Classes started Jan 8 and I hope I get most of the money back. I need to return it to my family member who helped me pay for this semester. Pretty sure the returned check payment will around 350.00 and I paid 1,800. I really wanted to be a nurse for a long time. I decided after failing a test today, It's not for me anymore. It's too much stress and feels more like an elimination game than teaching people how to be nurses. We already teach ourselves anything so what do they do? I'd love to have their jobs and pay for what they do. The answers in the book are wrong and she doesn't have the answers to the worksheet we can print out the practice. These teachers couldn't demonstrate a head to toe assessment for the class without looking silly. Anyways, I am done thinking about this stuff. I want nothing else to do with the health field. Good luck to all the nursing students. Hope your program is better.
  3. thank you. You were very helpful. I added some stuff I didn't need to use. Hugs
  4. 250mg in 100cc to infuse in over 1 hour and the 20 gtt/ml.
  5. Do I need that 100 cc/ml?
  6. I'm stressed big time. I don't usually ask for help. after doing the problem over 5 times, I thought I better ask someone to help me. I even tried to find the answer online and didn't find it. Wish me luck on tomorrow's test. If I fail the test tomorrow I'm going to be extremely upset with the program.
  7. I have no idea how to solve this problem. I tried several ways and didn't work out. The last sentence says "calculate gtt/min." That's the exact words. I posted the problem for you as it was written. I don't know what to do with the ml/cc in the problem. They haven't had that in the other problems. I did it this way: 250/60 x 20gtt divided by 100ml/cc. mm and cc are the same things. I'm sure ml and mg are the same too. There still are 4 problems that I can't figure out. Four out of 59 problems aren't too bad. I don't want to wait right before the test to learn how to do the problems, which is what will happen if I wait to ask the teacher. Hope someone can help.
  8. Erythromysin 250 mg in 100 ccD5W to infuse over 1 hour. The I.V. tubing delivers 20 gtt/ml. Calculate gtt/min? I got 83.3 but her answer that she gave us was 33. I am so afraid of failing drug cal tomorrow. We had only 2 days of class where she went over chapter 7 and 8, which is on Monday and Tuesday. Friday she handed out calculation worksheet to us while we were in fundamentals. The test is on Tuesday (tomorrow). We actually were in Fundamentals, not her class so barely got to ask questions. This seems unfair. we needed another day to review.
  9. I took my first fundamental test day and haven't received my final grade yet. The choose all questions was marked wrong when they were correct so she is going over the test before giving us our grades. After the test, we went over the test. After reviewing the questions, I got upset with them because I disagree with their answer on a question. In my fundamental book and online view test, the answer was "reported to the supervisor". Here is the question: A nurse witnesses a coworker taking a medication ordered for a patient. The nurse's first course of action is to A) Ask the other nurses on the unit what they would do. B) Tell the coworker that the incident will be reported the next time it happens. C) Offer to care for the nurse's patients until the medication is no longer effective. D) Report the incident to the nurse supervisor. They added the choice of "tell them to stop is the correct answer. It doesn't sound correct at all to me. So they can change answers to the problems? If they are giving us the wrong answers on our test, we will probably get it wrong on the NCLEX. That is my dilemma. Let's not mention they have their favorites in the class. The favorite thing doesn't bother me but missing with my test makes me angry. If I think this is happening should it be reported? I want to stay with this for a year and just get away from this school. It's my only option now since I am in the nursing program. They did a horrible job demonstrating a head to toe assessment to the class. They were all over the place. Keep me in prayers. I know God is behind me which will give me strength. What is your opinion of this? Is every school the same?
  10. Here is it almost January and can't decide to change majors or go back into nursing. I got behind and felt there was no way of catching up in fall classes. Teachers told us in orientation that the drug calculations requirement was moved to 90% to pass the course. Last semester is was only 85%. On some of the problems in the practice test, I don't remember being taught to us in class. She also gave us an 85% practice test and never gave us the answer. I couldn't find the answers online. They have an open-door policy where students can ask teachers questions but don't know how helpful they will be. It feels very cut throat....swim or sink in nursing school. What was your schools' pass rate for drug calculations? I feel like I can make the 90% if they will help me. I rather go into a different major than spend another 1,100 on nursing and fail nursing school again. your opinions?
  11. Beaue

    Accelerated LPN Programs

    I thought every nursing program was accelerated. Nursing school is tough We go through 6 chapters in Fundamentals, 2 chapters in drug cal., and 10+ skills each week. It's stressful. After attending LPN program for just over 2 months, I am ready to quit. I might drop and study till Jan and start full force in the program again in January. Good Luck. One last thing. It is very unorganized too. They barely teach us skills that we need to know for the nclex. I am discouraged at the moment.
  12. Beaue

    Maricopa LPN Program Schedule

    I live in GA. Do you have an LPN program evens? wished we did. I go to school at 8:30 am to 2:30 pm Monday-Friday. I think next month, hours will be changed to 7 am to 3 pm. This is my third week of nursing school and I am already worn out. I have lost so much sleep and barely passing classes. I believe I'll do better now I am over the shock of it. We covered six chapters in fundamentals last week and got a test on Tuesday. You have a test every week in Calculation and Fundamentals. I am not sure how they put "fun" in fundamentals. I get the mental part. (Joking). Good luck.
  13. Beaue

    Help! I need study tips

    I need tips on how to study for fund without it taking up all my time. I am in my second week of LPN school at a technical college. The first week we went through 5 chapters in fundamentals and had the test today. We had the first test on chapter 1 and 2 in drug calculations yesterday. We went over chapter 5 today in fundamentals and supposed to cover five more chapters tomorrow. What is the best way to prepare for a test? Getting four and five hours of sleep per night is killing me. The teacher read each chapter in class but doesn't clue us in about what is on the test. any advice would help and I appreciate your help. going through 6 chapters a week, clinical calculations, and skill lab is a bit much. Is your school doing the same amount of chapters as mine?
  14. Beaue

    Fall 2019 LPN Georgia

    I am currently awaiting for LPN acceptance letter from my school for Fall 2019. I took the Hesi on June 04 and passed with 77.33% on hesi and has a GPA of 3.83. I could have done better but I panic on the math selection which left me with 66% on math selection. I was unaware of the critical thinking rational selection on the hesi so did not prepare for it. However, I still made a score of 850. I don't know whether or not I got into the program until August unless I receive an acceptance letter from my school. My college does not send out nonacceptance letter because of budget restraints, which makes me more anxious. On a letter on the college's website, they said they send out letters midterm. What is midterm during the summer months? All my hair will be gray before August gets here. I wish everyone the best of luck for Fall 2019.
  15. Beaue


    Thank you for sharing the HESI Information with us. I am taking the Hesi Exam in the summer and the comprehension part of the test scares me more than the rest. Did you have any chemistry and Physics questions. My Hesi book has a physics part and that also scares the whits out of me.

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