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  1. YourFuture22

    Phasing out LPN

    I want to be a LPN but do y’all think they are ever going to phase out LPN? I have no desire of being a Registered nurse.
  2. YourFuture22

    How many class are you taking?

    MOMS:Any mom out there, how many class are you taking? Im kinda feeling crappy, this is my second semester and I'm feel overwhelmed with two classes. Any any advice
  3. YourFuture22

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    Sorry if what I wrote came off bad. I just wanted to get people feedback on how society pressure make us feel bad. Like I'm finishing my prerequisite for the LPN program and all people care to ask is , Am going for R.N to make more money. Being a nurse isn't about money but caring for other
  4. YourFuture22

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    This was basically to get people feed back. I'm 24, never been to college and people keep push all there goal on me. I just want to finish my prerequisite.
  5. YourFuture22

    Is LVN not enough for you!

    I just want to be a nurse without all the responsibilities. I love the medical field and there is so much it has to offer. I want to learn and grow plus help people. The bonus is being financially stable. So,why is being a Lpn not good enough for people. Why do people say keep going! Your doing RN,right? My answer is Nooooooooo! Pay might be Excellent but my nerve isn't built for stress. If I start to sweat, it's all over. Some people need the big title to feel important but I don't. That a Society pressure, have the best of the best. Which isn't even the best if you ask me. I just want to do, all I can while on this earth to help other. Not have people tell me the LPN route isnt good enough. I have to be Registered Nurse(RN), drive a Mercedes Benz 2019, have a million dollars or I'm nothing. No... that your pressure that I will not accept, I dream big everyday. If you want to do something, do it because that what you want. Not society. Right?
  6. YourFuture22

    Any Prenurse taking math

    So this is my second semester and I took math and basic nursing. Is anyone else taking math for a refresher for the LPN/LVN program? Math isn't part of my prerequisite but I did cause no one told me I didn't have to plus I fail my TSI by one point.
  7. YourFuture22


    You can do whatever you put your mind too. Listen to your inner self, if that's what you want to do then do it.
  8. YourFuture22

    Lamar state college-orange

    Hey y'all! Proud to say I finish my first semester with a "B", I took nutrient, algebra. I have a long journey to my goal, but short term I would love to be able to apply to the Lamar state college- orange or port Arthur LVN program. Is there anyone out there that has attended or going to be attending in the Fall2018. I just want to know how competitive, challenging to program is. Is there a entrance exam I can expected to take.. What Pre-requisite you had to take? What your age?
  9. YourFuture22

    How to manage my time?

    Hi, Thanks for reading my question. So... This is my first semester of college and I have three class with a lab. Anatomy and physiology 1+Lab, pre algebra, nutrition. I made a 70 on my first test cause I was studying other classes instead of focusing on this one. Than I forgot everything for my nutrition and made a 70. Whats the best way to manage my time for each sudject?
  10. Thanks. Your response really helped me feel better. Took my last TSI, and did terrible 329. Going to have to take a developmental MAth class, have you had to take one before? So disappointed☹️
  11. Thanks,TipsyTurtle. Glad to hear you're still pushing forward, that what I'm trying to do. I always have to reminded myself " Everyone running a different race in life".
  12. Thanks, for replying. Congratulations on that 4.0. I'm hoping with age, I'll grow to love school. As that how I'm going to become a nurse lol
  13. Hey you guys. I'm on my last TSI test (Math) and I've passed them some far. School start January 16. Now it's beginning to get real what if I fail, I have the hardest time focusing and lack motivation. I just turned 24 in NOVEMBER and I feel like I'm old. My husband has allow me to stay home, and I've just been waste my time. Looking at other people life on Instagram, yeah a real problem. I want to make my family proud. If there any one attending Lamar state college-orange, leave some comments down below( anybody).Tell me how you stay motivated, any organization tips. Was you first year hard? How did you juggle family and school? I'm looking to major in nursing, start with LVN at LSC-O. Thanks
  14. YourFuture22

    Low gpa and failure in pre reqs. Am I doomed?

    They are over priced and you'll go into debit trying to become a nurse. Keep trying community college.
  15. YourFuture22

    TSI Test

    Thank you, Thank you HouTx. What school are you attending? Are you getting you BSN
  16. YourFuture22

    TSI Test

    Hello, Nurse Ive been out of school for almost six years. I will be taking my TSI, next week. And then getting with a counselor to choose my classes. It's a New Years 2017, and I was won't to start motivational group. I just relocated to the Bridge city area, and want to better my life. I'm been so lazy and downing myself. So this year, I'm challenging myself to be a better me. I'm twenty-three and feel so behind. My question is: -Is there anybody just starting there pre-reps for LVN school - online or In class which is easier - -How old are you. -What classes are you doing? How many classes -