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bekahboo is a BSN, RN and specializes in PACU, ICU.

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  1. Clinical Research Nurse job search help

    That is really helpful! Thank you!! I’ll look into some regulation classes near me. Any other certifications or anything that may make me more marketable? I really appreciate your reply ?
  2. Hello! I need some advice from some current Clinical Research Nurses. I have six years of experience as an RN, mostly in the ICU and most recently in PACU. I have my BSN and I've been part of a lot of process improvement projects on the floors I've w...
  3. Inpatient PACU hours

    I have an interview coming up, so this is really helpful! Thanks.
  4. Inpatient PACU hours

    Hello! I am an ICU nurse that is really interested in making a transition to inpatient PACU. I was wondering if anyone out there who currently is inpatient PACU can tell me how your hours are structured, how many weekends you work, and what on call l...
  5. CRNA application requirements

    Hi all, I've been looking into applying for CRNA school for a while now, and am very interested in Texas Wesleyan's program as it is the only program that has clinical sites in Colorado, where I live. I'd rather not relocate to another state, but I a...