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CRNA application requirements


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Hi all,

I've been looking into applying for CRNA school for a while now, and am very interested in Texas Wesleyan's program as it is the only program that has clinical sites in Colorado, where I live. I'd rather not relocate to another state, but I am going to research other schools and apply elsewhere as well!

But anyways, I just had a few questions about admission requirements. The website for Texas Wesleyan says they require a college chemistry course within three years of the program's start date. I wanted to know if that meant the course had to be completed before applying, or if I could be currently enrolled in a course when applying.

Any information you have would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!

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You need to contact the program to get accurate information, but I would venture to guess that the course has to actually be completed before they will consider your application to this very competitive program.

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Call the school. Most offices are very helpful to future applicants. Many of us have spoken at length to the admissions people and even had meetings with the program director of a school we were interested in before ever actually submitting an application.