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  1. Hello everyone I'm not sure if this is the correct area to post this topic. I am wondering what are the steps to become a RN coder or nurse auditor. I have seen some older posts on this website but nothing current. If you are employed in one of these...
  2. New RN on Cardiac floor

    I was just offered a position on a cardiac/telemetry floor! (YAY!) A little nervous though so I was wondering what are some tips yall have for working on this floor or any books you would recommend that I look into? Thanks!!
  3. PICO question help!

    Thank you for this explanation. We were kinda just handed these topics with no real direction...
  4. PICO question help!

    Hello I need help with a PICO question based on cord blood banking. I'm at a loss on where to start. Any topics or what direction I should go in regarding cord blood banking is also appreciated
  5. MSN without BSN

    Best of luck to you too!
  6. MSN without BSN

    Thanks guys! Im going back to my original plan of getting my BSN then MSN. I was trying to save time and money but I think in the long run it will be better this way
  7. MSN without BSN

    Hi I am completing my ADN program in a couple of months and looking to go straight into my NP. I have looked at several programs for ADN-NP. Some programs will give you a BSN and MSN others will only give you the MSN. My question is: Will it matter w...