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  1. alieu4

    Are my hours being cut?

    I'm a PCT at a local hospital, PRN. On the usual weekends I sign up for (every other weekend), I've noticed my name isn't on there & is replaced by the unit secretary who transitioned from secretary to being on the floor. We've also recently hired a few nursing externs who assist the techs in baths, blood sugars, turning, etc. I'm just confused and a little distraught. I know I shouldn't feel that way since I'm PRN and not really entitled to anything, but going from working 4 shifts a month to 2 significantly impacts my finances. Anyway, what do y'all think? Of course I'll address these concerns to my manager next week, but currently I'm just worried. Maybe it's a sign I should leave the floor or maybe I'm just overreacting, idk
  2. So, I've been thinking about starting a nursing podcast mainly for nursing students & upcoming nursing students. There's not many podcasts dedicated to just nursing. It's mainly just blogs and vlogs. If I create this podcast, it won't be any time soon...maybe late 2018. I'm just having trouble coming up with content. For one segment, we'll be answering questions regarding nursing school. And for another segment, share cool medical facts. Other than those two, I can't think of anything else. Someone mentioned the idea of making this podcast a collective thing by rotating among nursing students and gaining different perspectives.
  3. alieu4

    Failure to success!

    Share your journey from failure to success. I want to hear about how y'all eventually overcame those failures in nursing into success I'm in the process of getting my life together before attending a ADN-RN program next Spring. Everyday I remind myself that maybe I can use the failures to inspire other nursing students - to give encouragement and hope to those currently in my situation. The greatest fail sometimes - Oprah, Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney, etc!
  4. alieu4

    NCLEX - RN

    I understand you take NCLEX RN after completing an ASN program, but do you take it again after completion of an RN-BSN program? Or am I completely wrong? I'm a little confused. Thanks in advance!!
  5. alieu4

    i don't know

    I just need more encouragement or experiences from people who failed out TWICE and now working as a nurse. I'm at rock bottom. It gets discouraging hearing no after no. I tried appealing to retake the class, but that was a waste of my time. I emailed nursing programs around my area to see if they'll accept students who previously failed out another program. Only about 1 or 2 said they would and they're both ADN programs. I'm still hesitant on applying to those ADN programs. I just wish I can pick up where I left off at another program. I was literally a semester away from graduating. I have all these nursing courses with nothing to show for it. Some days I feel motivated and ready to take what's mine by force but other days I feel down thinking about my situation. Anyway, I don't want this post to turn into a pity party. I don't need anyone telling me they feel sorry for me lol. I know nursing is what I want to do. My vision is much clearer now after failing. I already created my personal plan of success after analyzing where I went wrong. I'm ready to begin a nursing program somewhere ASAP!!! The longer I wait around, the less motivated I become.
  6. I want this post to inspire those who think it's impossible to become a nurse. No matter how long it'll take, keep your end goal in mind and don't give up. There's beauty in whatever struggle you go through. I, too, will soon have a story to share at the end of this journey!!
  7. alieu4


    Wow, some people are quick to judge on this website. Thank God I'm not one of those people. Anyway, I understand your concerns of drug tests being uncomfortable. For urine drug testing, no one is watching you. You'll be in the bathroom with the cup you'll urinate in. You also can't take personal belongings in the bathroom with you. I've never experienced the other types of drug tests. As long as you know you have nothing to hide, then I'd say don't worry about it. Good luck in your studies at Chamberlain!
  8. alieu4

    I need some help/advice

    Yes, that's very true. As stated above in my post, I reevaluated myself and what caused me to fail those 2 courses. I even created my own plan of success to avoid future failures. A dream deferred isn't a dream denied!! I truly think I'll be alright
  9. alieu4

    I need some help/advice

    I failed 2 classes and I'm out the program now. Where do I go from here? I refuse to change my major to something useless & have no interest in. That'll be a waste of time and money. I live in Georgia. There are a couple of programs here that accept dismissed nursing students, but you'll just have to start over. The only thing stopping me from applying to those programs is not having all their required pre-reqs. Meaning, I'd have to take 3-5 classes just to be considered. There's a good amount of LPN programs in my state as well. I wouldn't mind attending an LPN program but at the same time I'd rather just go for my BSN in one shot without the extra schooling. My last resort is attending a private funded school, which is Chamberlain University. I say it's my last resort because their expenses are sky high. I just feel like there's no way out this situation. I do know I still want to be a nurse. These failures haven't changed my perspectives on nursing either. It's just finding a way to still make that dream happen. I reevaluated myself and definitely know the reasons behind each failure. Any helpful advice will be appreciated. Everything is just blurry right now.
  10. For anyone currently enrolled in an Accelerated BSN program or already graduated from one, how were you able to pay for it? Did you take out loans, scholarships, pay out of pocket etc. I'm just trying to weigh out options and plan ahead just incase.
  11. alieu4

    dismissed from nursing program

    Earlier in the semester, I failed my 2nd nursing course. It was a 4wk competency course where we're grade on skills, simulation scenarios, and med calc. They still allowed me to complete the semester, but now since the semester has ended I'm officially out. Currently, I'm a sociology major since I already have most of the requirements and can graduate by December. I don't want to give up my dreams of being a nurse. I can't picture myself doing anything else. Nursing & caring for people is all I know. If I were to try another program, do they accept people who failed out another program? I know Georgia state & Kennesaw does but I'm not too sure about any other programs in Georgia. Also, should I take the ADN or accelerated route? I did identify the reasons behind my shortcomings on both failures. They're habits I can easily change if I take advantage of available resources. I just pray and hope I get a second chance somewhere. I keep saying maybe this is God telling me not yet.” Guess I'll just continue to trust His timing.
  12. alieu4

    Is it bad that I can't work holidays?

    My personality is way different than over the internet, trust me. Lol plus I wouldn't go as far to judge someone's ability to care for someone based on how they act over the internet. But anyway, peace and blessings to y'all. I really do appreciate all the different input and of course taking time out the day to even respond,too.
  13. alieu4

    Is it bad that I can't work holidays?

    Nope. repetitive feedbacks just gets annoying after awhile. Thanks anyway tho
  14. alieu4

    Is it bad that I can't work holidays?

    You're literally just rephrasing the same thing I've seen in the previous comments. I get it already jeez lol....moving on.