How did you pay for the Accelerated BSN program?


For anyone currently enrolled in an Accelerated BSN program or already graduated from one, how were you able to pay for it? Did you take out loans, scholarships, pay out of pocket etc.

I'm just trying to weigh out options and plan ahead just incase.


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I cut my expenses to bare bones and saved as much as possible prior to starting school.

I worked Friday and Saturday night shift during school and extra days when we had a week or two break between semesters and since ABSN program doesn't allow for a social life, I continued keeping expenses to bare minimum.

Once school started, I used the money that I saved up and then utilized my credit cards' balance transfer offers on cards that I do not use and have no balance. Several allowed me to transfer money to my bank account for a 3% transaction fee 0% finance charge for 18 months. I would use that money for tuition, books, etc. I paid as much as I could each month and at the end of the 18 months, transfer the balance to another card for 18 months. Since the ABSN program was only 15 months (and used savings for first 3 months) , it allowed me to pay 2% interest on the money over 3 yrs after the savings ran out. During the the second 18 month period I was well established in my nursing job and was able to pay down the balance before the end of the 0% finance period.

This worked for me since I had no family to support and went to a state university at $5k per semester for 4 semesters. So, nursing school only cost me $20k.

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I'm about to start an aBSN program in August. Also state school like the PP, I'm roughly estimating the cost falling between $20-22k. I have a decent amount of money saved already plus my very comfortably retired parents don't want me taking out a loan so they will be helping me out so I don't deplete all of my savings. Cut all the extra expenses I can as well.


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I'm hoping to start an ASBN program this fall at Rutgers (NJ state school), so somewhere between $25K and $30K for the whole program. I started my pre-reqs 2 years ago, and my husband and I have been aggressively saving since then. I'll be leaving my job, so the savings we've hoarded will hopefully be enough to pay tuition cash and cover living expenses while we're on 1 income for that 16 month span. That being said, I had a VW diesel and they bought out my scandal-ridden car . We pocketed the cash from the buyback and financed my new car in full, which is effectively taking out a $17K loan at 3% interest. I'm not sure I could get a student loan for that good. Anyway, we cross our fingers, live frugally, and I'm hoping to maybe be able to pick up a part time job (CNA?) in my second term or so! Either way, no cruises for us anytime soon!

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Combination of savings, scholarship and loans. I can't wait till I graduate, get a job and can start making loan payments and replenishing my savings account.

I live at home so luckily don't have to worry about rent and utilities. But the rest of my living expenses (health/car insurance, car payment, food, gas, etc) and tuition/books/fees will be "paid" for with loans. I know I know, it's not ideal. But tbh I need to graduate as quickly as possible so I can move out, both of my home and the state... I'm praying to God that I get some sort of academic scholarship through my school to help out some, though.