Are my hours being cut?

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I'm a PCT at a local hospital, PRN. On the usual weekends I sign up for (every other weekend), I've noticed my name isn't on there & is replaced by the unit secretary who transitioned from secretary to being on the floor. We've also recently hired a few nursing externs who assist the techs in baths, blood sugars, turning, etc. I'm just confused and a little distraught. I know I shouldn't feel that way since I'm PRN and not really entitled to anything, but going from working 4 shifts a month to 2 significantly impacts my finances. Anyway, what do y'all think? Of course I'll address these concerns to my manager next week, but currently I'm just worried. Maybe it's a sign I should leave the floor or maybe I'm just overreacting, idk

I think you're over reacting. I'm glad you're going to talk to your manager.

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PRN means "as needed" and it sounds like you're not needed so frequently due to the availability of others with similar skills who probably are full or part time. Your decrease in hours may be temporary or long term- that's the nature of per diem work. Time to start looking for another PRN position to supplement your income.

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It's easy to speculate and get paranoid when you are Per Diem. I've done it myself. Per Diem is great when there is high need, but when the tide starts turning, I like taking an FTE.

You cannot expect too much about financial stability if you are PRN. You can ask your colleagues if they want a day off and you may be able to pick up a shift.

I work with a PRN nurse. We used to be busy, and he was always there like a full-time nurse. A while ago, our manager decided to hire and train more nurses, and now he is desperate for hours. He asks around and works here and there when somebody wants a day off.

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