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hsieh has 20 years experience and specializes in icu.

Born and raised in Montana.

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  1. reply to rnwriter post 29: you say take the time to teach them. you're not going to teach a bpd anything because they aren't going to learn due to the nature of their disorder. that would be like taking time to teach somebody with a low intelligen...
  2. Contraband in psychiatric emergency rooms

    in our hosp you have to do a body search before you are allowed out onto the unit. they have to take off their clothes at the same time covering as much of their body as possible so staff can check for scars, bruises, contraband, ect. they search p...
  3. i've learned a lot. i learned it's a developmental disorder, some people take it seriously and think it's real (unlike in my part of the country), it's how a person deals with the world according to their own unfortunate upbringing, and that there a...
  4. i guess i have nothing else to add. i think it would be good to hear from a nurse who grew up in africa though. or any other culture where they don't have this.
  5. i understand that millions are spent on it unsuccessfully. where i work the things that have been said in this thread are not taught. we are taught they are self centered, ect. one of my co workers was talking how a bpd was wanting attention for c...
  6. like i said millions spent unsuccessfully on complicated treatments. let's say you have to catch a bus and you arrive at the bus station 5 minutes late and miss it. you learn that tommorrow you must get there early in order to catch it. or as dr. ...
  7. i have friends from africa and they impress me. the african friends i have that work at the psych hosp who all say they don't have these type of disorders in their country come from big citites and are educated - they aren't from 3rd world countries...
  8. i guess this thread has run out of steam. and our country spends millions to unsucessfully treat "borderline" every year. but i guess we have money to waste otherwise we wouldn't.
  9. Animal Cruelty ' Therapy'?

    sounds like a future serial killer to me.
  10. Animal Cruelty ' Therapy'?

    is there abuse in his home? some kids act out because they are immatating their parents behavior.
  11. one of our state hosp actually has a unit for borderline only. as for borderline being sensitive about watching video of themselves the therapist can start off by saying with your disorder you may react by being over sensitive so we can deal with th...
  12. Animal Cruelty ' Therapy'?

    by law if you release a stalker from a psych hosp you have to let their victim know. i'm wondering if you're allowed to let the local humane society know that this guy is around? i would think this guy would be sent to state or strongly sedated. d...
  13. the goal of mental health is to keep people in the least restrictive enviroment possible. i would think locking up borderline would delay it's development even more. the best treatment is life itself not being locked up. another thing i just thoug...
  14. hartman profile

    what do people think about taking the hartman profile for employment? do you think it's a good tool?
  15. i guess i have nothing else to add. does anybody else have alternate treatments?