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  1. monsg3100

    Tele Float vs. Med/Surg Oncology

    Hello Nursing Friends! So, I just passed my NCLEX and am a newly licensed nurse (woo woo)!! To make a long story short, I have two potential job offers at my dream hospital. One being on a med/surg oncology floor, and the other being on a tele float team. The tele float team can be floated to med/surg, tele, and ED. The med/surg oncology specialized in cancer, respiratory (as there are a lot of ventilator patients), and epilepsy. Although I enjoy tele and the thought of floating is exciting (as it provides more variety), I also afraid I'll regret it as a new grad. I hear how crucial it is to have a home unit your first year of nursing. The med/surg oncology floor has a 6 week orientation, whereas the tele float position has a 12 week orientation. I feel so conflicted... so I am wondering if any seasoned nurses would be willing to provide me with some advice. Which job seems more fit for a new grad? And is 6 weeks of orientation (including the first two weeks being in the classroom) too short? Thank you!!
  2. monsg3100

    Patients Say the Darnedest Things

    I had a patient who had CHF and was diabetic. Needless to say, the patient and her daughter began to fight and yell at each other over BACON! The daughter is screaming, "Maa, you ate the Smokey Joes, that has all the salt in it! You were supposed to eat that OSCAR MAYERS!! You ate the WRONG BACON" (as if she's supposed to have bacon at all). Then the patient began to cry repeating "Its all my fault, I didn't know about the Smokey Joes!!" Then the daughter goes on about how in the Smokey Joes, you could apparently "taste the salt" (as if you couldn't in all bacon...). It was definitely a wild situation
  3. monsg3100

    Fill In The Blank...

    "I don't want to die yet" when you know they only have a little while left.
  4. monsg3100

    Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse

    Kitty from That 70's Show!! :)
  5. monsg3100

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    "Nursing is all about touching lives, and lives touching yours along the way"
  6. "I mean really... I don't think my stethoscope was THAT cold..."
  7. monsg3100

    Counting down the days

    So, its time to countdown the final days before I start my first semester of nursing school! Though I am extremely excited to start truly working towards my dream career, I am just as anxious. Starting this new chapter of my life is giving me anxiety and honestly, some doubt. I know am I willing to push my limits to succeed, but will I still be good enough? Scary thoughts. Getting the syllabi for this semesters courses are already intimidating me with all of the material listed!! Though this is so, I know I am prepared to constantly keep my nose in the books and my heart in this journey. I think this anxiousness may be good... something to keep me on my toes!! But for now, I'll just have to wait for the first day! Beyond excited!!!
  8. monsg3100

    SUNY Farmingdale Nursing Spring 2017

    I'm opting out of the DEU program. I would rather get experience at all different hospitals rather than being stuck in one for my 3 years in Nursing School! I feel like you would almost be inhibiting yourself by not changing your surroundings and learning new processes. And I also saw those NCLEX numbers... and got a little freaked out! Though this is so, I think we all got in this program for a reason... because we're smart enough to do it! As long as we all stick together and do what we got to do, we will make it. And btw, I will be attending clinical at South Nassau... anyone else?
  9. monsg3100

    SUNY Farmingdale Nursing Spring 2017

    Definitely not! I think it depends on a combination of your grades, TEAS, extracurricular, etc.
  10. monsg3100

    SUNY Farmingdale Nursing Spring 2017

    Hello everyone, So I just got the letter of acceptance last night! Went online to submit my deposit for the spring. I think they might've charged me twice, yet I still have not received a confirmation e-mail. Did this happen to anyone else? Let me know, thanks!
  11. monsg3100

    SUNY Farmingdale Nursing Spring 2017

    Not yet... probably will get them within the week!
  12. monsg3100

    November 2016 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    Turkey: "And you are SURE my results won't be back until the 25th?"
  13. monsg3100

    My Nursing Journey: Day One

    So, today officially marks my first day into this nursing journey... ACCEPTANCE. I got into my dream school today; a competitive BSN program that I thought I had no chance of getting into. I am ecstatic. College is something I take very seriously, especially the required pre-reqs. I have worked vigorously to obtain my desired results, and don't plan to stop anytime soon! The feeling of my hard work paying off is more amazing than words can even describe! Though this is so, I am terrified. The thought of "nursing school" intimidates me greatly. Will I be good enough? What if I fail a course? What if I mess up during clinicals? Can someone actually put their life in my hands? These are all things racing though my mind since I got the good news. Though I feel this way, I am having no second thoughts about committing to my dream school! From here, I am going to take those negative thoughts as more motivation to succeed. I have come this far; I earned my seat in this program! Nursing is a career I want to make life-long. The thought of helping those in need and being someone else's support is a concept that caused me to gravitate towards nursing. Nursing school will probably be the most stressful time of my life, but the reward is worth it. I am ready to begin this endeavor into the next chapter of my life. I vow to never let my doubt triumph my ambition and dedication. This is what I want to do, therefore I will succeed!! I CAN DO THIS!
  14. monsg3100

    Nervous to start Nursing School

    That's very true, I think I will be driven enough to succeed! Thanks again!
  15. monsg3100

    Nervous to start Nursing School

    Aw thank you so much! This was the exact encouragement I needed to hear! I thought I was going crazy for feeling the way I feel, but its nice to know Im not alone. I hear horror stories about people dropping out or failing out of nursing school, and practically every one of those have been running through my head since getting the acceptance! But I'm sure once I get in there, my nerves will ease... Thanks again!!! :)
  16. monsg3100

    SUNY Farmingdale Nursing Spring 2017

    Hello you guys! I just figured out I was accepted to Farmingdale '17 Nursing School as well!!! Mine also says "Acceptance-Prior Conditions", which I think is me having to complete Statistics. My overall GPA is a 3.8 at the moment. So relieved and excited, since this school is way cheaper and close to home for me!!! Can't wait to meet everyone and to finally declare myself a "Nursing Student"! Good luck to everyone still waiting for a response! :)

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