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Tele Float vs. Med/Surg Oncology

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Float... or not to float (new grad)

  1. 1. Should I float as a new grad, or have a home unit?

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      Float!! More variety!
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      Don't do it... have a home

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Hello Nursing Friends!

So, I just passed my NCLEX and am a newly licensed nurse (woo woo)!! To make a long story short, I have two potential job offers at my dream hospital. One being on a med/surg oncology floor, and the other being on a tele float team. The tele float team can be floated to med/surg, tele, and ED. The med/surg oncology specialized in cancer, respiratory (as there are a lot of ventilator patients), and epilepsy. Although I enjoy tele and the thought of floating is exciting (as it provides more variety), I also afraid I'll regret it as a new grad. I hear how crucial it is to have a home unit your first year of nursing. The med/surg oncology floor has a 6 week orientation, whereas the tele float position has a 12 week orientation. I feel so conflicted... so I am wondering if any seasoned nurses would be willing to provide me with some advice. Which job seems more fit for a new grad? And is 6 weeks of orientation (including the first two weeks being in the classroom) too short? Thank you!!

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Floating as a new grad is not a good option in my opinion. How can one become proficient without the consistency offered by a permanent home? My facility won't even accept applications to float pool with less than 3 years experience.

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