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  1. malenursewtx

    Centene/Superior Healthplan

    I was wondering if anyone had/have works for Centene/Superior Healthplan. I start with them next week as a Care Manager RN II. Just curious about your thoughts about the company and other general questions. Thanks!
  2. malenursewtx

    preauth nurse

    How is your experience going with Centene? I applied for a position with them as an RN Care Manager II.
  3. malenursewtx

    Multiple opportunities coming up, need help!!!

    I never said anything about 5 jobs in 6 years. That is my experience, not my job count. I had 2 full-time jobs and several PRN jobs during that time to gain more experiences.
  4. malenursewtx

    Got fired for a medication error

    You absolutely have no complaint. Giving meds without a complete order and without verifying the order. That's nursing school 101!. Now, that being said.....if you feel that you need to say something about not being properly trained or oriented to the unit, then I would maybe send an email with concerns (not complaints) about how you feel that you were not provided the proper training for the unit. But you have no complaint to stand on. Your lucky that they have not reported your license. Those are some serious med errors.
  5. malenursewtx

    Oilfield Occupational Health and Safety Nursing

    Did you ever get any information about this? I have applied for an OHN in the oil field in west Texas. Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
  6. malenursewtx

    Has anyone worked for Clariant?

    Hi, I have applied for a job with Clariant for an Occupational Health Nurse. This would be my first time in this field. I live in west Texas, so im sure it is the oil/energy side of the company. I was just curious if anyone had worked for them before, or knew anything about the company. Thanks!
  7. A quick background on my career. I got my LVN in 2008 and my RN in 2010. In order I have worked home health, med/surg-ER, Correctional Care, Hospice and Psych Nursing. I am currently working at a state psych hospital. I have interviewed to work at the VA in the clinic as a care manager. Im going to call and followup next week. I interviewed with DADS for a position at a nursing home surveyor (something i've always wanted to do), but it will require a lot of state travel for about 9 months, then just regional travel after that, which i am fine with. I live in Rural West Texas. I have also applied for a job with an oil company as an Occupational Health nurse. I just feel like i have so many options coming up and don't know how to handle it all. Do I take the first one that i get offered? But if a better offer comes a few days after that, do i leave the one i just agreed to and go with the new offer. I hope that makes sence. I took an ambient about 20min ago and I'm starting to really feel it. lol. thansk
  8. malenursewtx

    Dialysis staff nurse salary in US

    I am in west texas, my small town is getting a Fresenius clinic in 6-9 months. My town in about 10K people. how big is yours? Im hoping they do a m-w-f clinic. i would love that.
  9. malenursewtx

    Any men in OB?

    I worked in a small rural hospital as a charge nurse over med-surg. We also had 2 OB rooms and 2 OB Dr's. Now, granted, I always had a female LVN to labor the pt along, but when entering in to do my RN assessment, I never once got the blind eye from a pt or the family. I think it is all in the way your approach them. I would talk about my kids and that my daughter was born in this hospital and how great the staff is. It made them feel comfortable. Now, like I said, I did not do any laboring. I would help set up monitors and such as that. But, when baby was born, that's when my superhero nurse cape went on! I took care of baby why LVN and Dr took care of mom. I loved it. Footprints were always fun to do. I think you would be fine as long as you were professional in your interview and explain that you really enjoyed OB and you feel that you could be a asset to the department (lifting if needed, talking to dads). Point out all the benefits of having a male on the unit.
  10. malenursewtx

    Need help making a decision

    I worked both HH and Hospice. I am still PRN with the Hospice agency I worked for, for the past 4 years. It is really a personal preference. When I was with HH, we took call for a week at a time, Tues-Tues and we were off the Monday before and the Friday after our call. HH call can mainly be dealt with over the phone for the most part. I did it when everything was pen and paper, so even though there is more paperwork, I would assume that its easier now that most agency used tablets or laptops. With HH you have to call the Dr for any kind of order. Our agency had no standing orders. With Hospice, I worked as a case manager for 2 years and the weekend call nurse for 2 years. I enjoyed both positions. As case manager we took call 1 night a week. The weekend call nurse worked from Fri 5:30 to Mon 8:30. Hospice tends to be more miles on your car in my experience, but I loved it so much better. We had standing orders so you didn't have to call the Dr for every little thing. It was just more rewarding as well with the pts. Many ppl say that you lose you skills, but I did not find this to be correct. I inserted foleys, drew labs, did wound care and drained pluer-a-vacs. It just different that being in the hospital. You have to get creative with your sterile field at times. You definelty want to keep a box of supplies in your care also. I always had basic wound care supplies, a couple of foleys with bags, mouth swabs, lab supplies and a few other odds and ends that were specific to my pts. I live in a large rural area, so it was no big deal for me to drive 500-750 miles a week but I did get reimbursed mileage. Hope this helps!
  11. malenursewtx

    Forced to resign after 7 weeks

    Not knowing where you live, this advise may not work for you. I graduated LVN school in 2008 (RN 2010). I was working med-surg at a teaching hospital. I will be honest, it was busy and hectic and crowded. The precepting nurses would get frustrated if you were asking questions or helping do things that made them get behind. The RN's had 13-15 pt's each. it was a great learning experience, but a hard one. A few years later (no longer working med-surg) we moved back to my home town which is rural West Texas. And when I say rural, I mean....We live in the middle of a cotton field!. There is a small hospital about 35 miles from us. I worked there in med-surg. It was an awesome experience. There was a charge RN, 2 staff nurses (RN or LVN) and 2 CNA's. We would have 4-10 pts tops. You had plenty of time to ask questions and learn new things. If there was a wound that you had never seen on a pt that was not yours, you could just go do the wound care with the other nurse....no problem! So, what I'm saying is, maybe look for something in a rural area with a small nurse/patient ratio that will allow you plenty of time to lean your job to the best of your ability.
  12. malenursewtx

    Texas Nurse Surveyor

    Are there any nurses in Texas that are LTC surveyors? I was just curious about the training. I know it will be flying distance from me and was curious if it was a m-f 8-5 type of thing. Thanks!
  13. malenursewtx

    Any Registered Nurses that are state surveyors???

    Are you still a nurse surveyor? I have applied for a position in the West Texas area and was just curious about the training. I know that it will mostly be in Houston or San Antonio, as the lady that called me told me, but I guess I just had a few questions. Thanks!
  14. malenursewtx

    chart audit tool

    I'm looking for a general chart audit tool, to make sure everything is there and where it's supposed to be.
  15. malenursewtx

    chart audit tool

    Did anyone ever get a chart audit tool?
  16. malenursewtx

    New DON seeks advice

    Hey everyone. I have accepted a position as DON for an 80 bed facility with a 62 census as this time. I worked at a different facility as an LVN for a 1.5 years, 6 years ago. Since, I have worked ER, med-surg, hospice and home health. I live in a small rural area and already know most of the nurses and aides. They are excited that I have accepted the position because they have not had good, steady management for several years. A new company took over the facility and the Admin has been there about 6 months and they all seem to like him well, and he and I hit it off well in the interview. My question is that I am afraid due to knowing a lot of the staff already, that they may try to take advantage right off the bat by calling in or asking for time off that is not normally reasonable. Also, when you started what was the best thing you did to get to know your staff and let them know that they can trust in you as management and know that you will have their backs? Thanks!